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The Battlefield V - Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Trailer is a Battlefield V trailer promoting the fourth chapter of Tides of War, Defying The Odds. It debuted prior to Electronic Arts' EA Play 2019.

The trailer sequentially introduces the four new maps planned for release for free during the chapter, namely Provence, Lofoten Islands, Marita and Al Sundan, in addition to Operation Underground stated to be introduced in October. At the end of the video is a teaser for War in the Pacific, showing a Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima being attacked by a US infantryman.


New battlefields incoming. Starting June 27, Chapter 4: Defying the Odds will evolve Battlefield V with new maps rolling out throughout the summer. See more during the Battlefield V EA Play livestream on Saturday June 8th:

Continue the Battle of Greece on the narrow streets of Marita and face all-out war on the vast Al Sundan map. Get up-close and personal in Provence and Lofoten. Further down the road, enjoy the meat grinder of Operation Underground and the awakening of a giant in Chapter 5.

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  • The trailer includes footage of weapons and gadgets that were planned for use in the now cut 5v5 competitive gamemode but ultimately did not release during Defying The Odds. These items are now scheduled to be released in future Tides of War chapters.