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The Battlefield V Dev Talks: Tides of War - The Road Ahead is the fifth episode of "Dev Talks" series released by DICE about Tides of War live service in this game.

This video featured Multiplayer Producer as a host along with Lead Engagement Designer and Engagement & Core Gameplay Producer discussion in the upcoming Tides of War journey in this game.

The First Chapter: Overture will add the new War Story called The Last Tiger, new features like Practice Range, Vehicle Customization and new map called Panzerstorm which focus on vehicle combat. Also new weapons like Vickers K MG and new vehicles will coming as well.

This video show the short footage of upcoming contents such as Practice Range, Vickers K MG and Panzerstorm.


The DICE developers bring you behind the scenes of Battlefield V. In this episode, we talk about the Live Service of Battlefield V – Tides of War – and the features, content, and experiences waiting for you in-game from November, including the new Panzerstorm map.

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