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The Battlefield V Update - Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is the trailer released for Battlefield V prior to the launch of second chapter for Tides of War, Lightning Strikes.

This video showing footage of new co-op mode called Combined Arms coming in February 2019, including Market Sweep, Desert Declarations, Bricks and Mortars and Bridgehead Blockade.

Also a new Grand Operation set in Belgium, Battle of Hannut. New vehicles for both factions consist of Sturmgeschütz IV, Valentine Archer, Mosquito FB MkVI and Ju-88C. New cosmetic. Introducing of Rush and Squad Conquest for limited time. New squad reinforcement including Smoke Barrage and Sector Artillery and new weapons such as ZK-383, MAS 44, M1922 MG and Ross Rifle Mk III starting in January 2019. Available for free to all players.

The end of video showing glimpse of upcoming Battle Royale gamemode, Firestorm.


Battlefield V Update – Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, starts this week for all Battlefield V players.

Featuring a new co-op mode Combined Arms (available from February), new Company Gear, weapons, vehicles, and the return of Rush mode.

Join your squad and enter mankind’s greatest conflict in Battlefield V today:

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