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BF5 Crossing Lines Challenges

Challenges as seen in the Crossing Lines chapter.

Challenges are an optional gameplay feature of the singleplayer War Stories of Battlefield V. Each chapter of a War Story features challenges with specific tasks to complete through multiple playthroughs. A challenge will automatically save when its requirement is met and does not necessarily require the completion of that respective chapter.

The melee weapons Cricket Bat, Coupe Coupe, and Solveig's Knife are unlocked for use in multiplayer upon completion of all challenges in Under No Flag, Tirailleur, and Nordlys respectively. The Last Tiger paint job is unlocked for the Tiger I upon completion of all challenges in The Last Tiger.

Under No Flag[]

Chapter Criteria Video
Crossing Lines
  • Complete Crossing Lines
  • Find all Letters
  • Destroy all explosive barrels
  • Shoot down the enemy planes without getting hit
  • Get to the hangar undetected
Butcher and Bolt
  • Complete Butcher and Bolt
  • Find all Letters
  • Destroy all objectives using Lewes Bombs
  • Destroy all objective using a plane
  • Disable all alarms
  • Complete Onslaught
  • Destroy a plane using only a hand weapon or gadget
  • Destroy a ground vehicle using only a hand weapon or gadget
  • Kill 5 enemies while Billy is singing


Chapter Criteria Video
  • Complete Liberte
  • Find all Letters
  • Kill an enemy with a machete takedown
  • Pick up 10 new weapons without dying
  • Complete Egalite
  • Find all Letters
  • Get through the forest undetected
  • Find three bottles of wine
Fraternite Ou La Mort
  • Complete Fraternite Ou La Mort
  • Find all Letters
  • Neutralize the first outpost without using the flare gun
  • Blow up the first outpost without having been detected


Chapter Criteria Video
Still and Silent
  • Complete Still and Silent
  • Find all Letters
  • Destroy all searchlights
  • Rescue the Resistance Fighter without being discovered
All is Ash
  • Complete All is Ash
  • Find all Letters
  • Warm up at all the camp fires
  • Stay undetected in the storm
  • Disable the substation
Wolf and Dog
  • Complete Wolf and Dog
  • Find all Letters
  • Kill an enemy with a Throwing Knife while Skiing
  • Disable all alarms

The Last Tiger[]

Chapter Criteria Video
The Tiger's Bite
  • Complete The Tiger's Bite
  • Destroy an enemy tank from a distance of 175 meters or more
  • Complete the chapter without repairing
Turning Point
  • Complete Turning Point
  • Find all Letters
  • Reach the documents without alerting any enemies
  • Reach the AA guns on foot without alert any enemies
Tooth and Nail
  • Complete Tooth and Nail
  • Kill a T34 Calliope tank from less than 30 meters away
  • Complete the chapter without repairing