This is the home of the nominations process for the following awards:

  • Editor's Award
  • Newcomer's Award
  • Uploader Award
  • Veteran's Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Goodwill Award
  • Anti-Vandal's Award

A guide to each award and it's intended criteria can be found at BF:AWARDS

There is a separate nominations process for User of the Month, which can be found here.

Concluded nominations are moved from this page and archived here.


On this page, you may nominate any user for any of the above awards. You should create a new sub-section within the nominations section, making clear who you are nominating, what award you are nominating them for, and why you think they deserve the award. The community will then vote to either approve or reject the nomination.

  • Anyone may be nominated - even if they have already received the same award before. There is no limit on the number of times a user may win any particular award
  • To vote, you must have at least 20 edits over 1 month. Any ineligible votes will be struck-out and ignored (Per BF:VOTE)
  • Votes last for 1 week from the time of the nomination's posting
  • You cannot nominate yourself for any award, or vote for yourself if nominated.

Nominations Edit

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