Under no circumstances should In Real Life info be used within the main article or the trivia section, only in the beginning of the article page as an intro. It is understandable for some that certain things may be notable, ranging from equipment being wrong to anachronistic weapons/vehicles, however this does not reflect in-game aspects in any fashion, as this is a video game. No matter how "Badly inaccurate" a certain weapon/vehicle/faction and such is, it does not add to the article and is not notable in the long run.

The reason is that it gets in the way of actual notable gameplay trivia and in certain cases can make the trivia page largely consist of real life info that is useless to people who only want trivia pertaining to gameplay. We are the Battlefield Wiki, not IMFDB.

The following examples are policy violations.

  • "The Imperial German Army in Battlefield 1 has an Afro-German Scout. This is either a reference to the Schutztruppe who served in the German African colonies or the very few Afro-Germans who served in the German Military on mainland. However, the Schutztruppe never fought on the mainland and it is unknown why DICE added this."
  • "The Huot Automatic rifle, despite being showed in Battlefield 1, was not used in World War I, as it was a prototype at the time."
  • "The C96's reloading animation in-game is wrong, as the real life C96 reload involves stuffing an eclair into the gun barrel and firing lasers."

These are all violations of BF:IRL and will be removed on the spot.

Articles which are directly related to real life are allowed to bypass this policy, such as articles about the individual Battlefield games (eg. Battlefield 1). Trivia notes regarding sources and/or quotes from official DICE employees are also allowed in their respective pages. These Trivia notes must be sourced, or they will be removed.

The general principle is if your edit contains the words "in real life", it will most likely be violating this policy.