Users that wish to become an administrator or bureaucrat need to go through a process known as a Request for Adminship (RfA). This process assesses the suitability of a user for the additional rights, tools and responsibilities, and gives the community a chance to voice their opinions on whether a user is suitable for the role in question.

You may nominate yourself or another editor (must have their consent) by following the instructions below.

This procedure does not apply to trusted user/rollback rights. To apply for these, please simply ask a bureaucrat.

How it Works

  • Click here to add a new section.
  • Text will appear in the new section - edit it, filling in the required information in section 1 where prompted, and remove everything at the bottom between the two <noinclude> tags. When done, click publish.
  • An admin will then also fill in the required statistics in section 2
  • Other users will then be able to comment and vote on the nomination
  • After 4 days, the nomination will either be declared successful or unsuccessful and appropriate action taken.
    • In the case of a unanimous voting result of either support or oppose to the acquirement of the admin rights, the vote should be closed after 48 hours, having a bureaucrat taking the action decided by the vote.

Nominations and Voting Rules

  • Voting is conducted in accordance with BF:VOTE#Requests for Adminship
  • To vote, you must have been here for at least 1 month and have at least 20 mainspace edits (to prevent multiple account abuse, any suspect accounts will be IP verified). Any ineligible votes will be struck-out and ignored.
  • You should not request admin status unless you have 500 mainspace edits and been here for over 3 months. If you do, it will be immediately rejected and moved straight to the archives. Be advised that meeting these requirements will not necessarily guarantee success.
  • You may only become a bureaucrat if you are already an administrator.
  • Contributions and positions on other Wikis can be used to demonstrate capability, but are not a valid reason in themselves for adminship here.
  • If you have been nominated, you may not cast a vote for yourself.

Upon being concluded, nominations will be archived to Battlefield Wiki:Requests for Adminship/Archive


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