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This is our official policy on user's signatures.

Battlefield Wiki Policies

Background Principles

Signatures are an important part of interaction. Therefore all posts on talk pages (including user talk) and forums should be signed. This must be using ~~~~ in order to produce a timestamp as well as a signature.

Signatures are preferred located on templates, not coded straight into the preferences box. It is even better if templated signatures of any size, i.e. with coding, use 'double transclusion' - a template in a template. This reduces the amount of complex coding on the page itself.


There are few rules on what form a signature should take. To allow easy interaction, there must be a link to either (and preferably both of) your user page and your user talk page. Other links, such as contributions, are also permitted, along with any other reasonable text.

Users are permitted to use colors and images, including animations, in their signatures, so long as they are not excessive in size or quantity. For, for the purposes of this policy, image height must not exceed 30 pixels, so users are encouraged to use the format x30px when sizing images. Images over 30 pixels cause the spacing between two lines of text to be disproportionate. As a general guideline, please do not use images or font sizes that will interfere with the lines of text.

Any user with a signature contrary to this policy may be asked to change it. If the user refuses, the signature may be changed or deleted (where possible) and a block may be issued.

All authorised templated signatures are linked to here and categorised here.


Setting up signatures

To set up a custom signature, please follow the instructions on Template:Signatures as to the page name.

Here are a few tips for making a signature

  • Simple signatures are often among the best
  • Remember to include links to your userpage and your talkpage
  • Keep images small, so that you don't interrupt lines of text
  • No indecent images
  • While animations are cool, try to minimize them so that they don't break up text

Adding Signatures

To use your custom signature instead of the standard signature, follow these instructions:

  • Go onto your preferences
  • In the signature box, add the following text {{Signatures/Your Name}} replacing the Your Name with your username
  • You MUST tick the box saying 'Treat signature as wikitext' otherwise the signature will not appear
  • Click Save My Preferences
  • Then test out the signature on your userpage/someone's talk page (no spam please)