User Flags are an essential part of the running of a wiki. Standard users have the ability to upload files, edit and move articles and take part in community life. Those deemed trustworthy enough are given extra tools, as well as extra responsibilities.

Battlefield Wiki Policies

Anonymous, New and Registered Users

The basic flags are anonymous, new, and registered users.

Anonymous users are those who have not created their own Wikia account. Anonymous users (Anons, also called wikia contributors) can read pages, and edit most pages. These may be identified by IP address.

Registered users are those who have created their own Wikia account. Registered users start as new users, who have the same rights as anons until they gain experience.

Once experience has been gained (defined by the system as 10 edits over at least 4 days), registered users become 'autoconfirmed users', gaining the rights to edit more pages, as well as the abilities to create pages, rename most pages and upload files.

Trusted Users and Rollbacks

Rollbacks are users who have the ability to revert the edits of a particular editor to a page, back to before that person edited, with just a single click, rather than the several required for non-rollbacks.
We also run a Trusted Users scheme. Not everyone is an admin, but there are several non-admins responsible, and trusted, enough to welcome new users and revert vandalism and the like. Furthermore, when admins are not around, these users may be, so having some sort of policy to point them out and give them responsibilities would help the site, the users themselves and the new users.

All trusted users have rollback privileges while a select few may also be Chat Moderators. Trusted Users may display the Trusted Users userbox on their userpage.


User Active?
FPS Headhunter (talk) Cross
Sactage (talk) Cross
Azuris (talk) Cross
Imrlybord7 (talk) Cross
Bovell (talk) Cross
Callofduty4 (talk) Cross
H2seasprite (talk) Cross
Zephalian (talk) Cross
Charcoal121 (talk) Cross
MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours (talk) Cross
Angel of Anarchy (talk) Cross
DiCePWNeD (talk) Cross
Hello Losers (talk) Cross
Vidmas7er (talk) Cross
Jack of All (talk) Cross
X-Alt (talk) Cross
Rampantlion513 (talk) Tick
Razgriz Ghost (talk) Cross
KillerKook (talk) Cross
AK-28 (talk) Cross
Bela94 (talk) Cross
Ultimate94ninja (talk) Tick
LegendFPS (talk) Cross
KuronoX (talk) Cross
NotLessOrEqual (talk) Tick
Wuzh (talk) Tick
Prof. Sugarcube (talk) Tick
Medlone (talk) Tick

Administrators and Bureaucrats

Administrators (Admins or Sysops, the latter short for 'System Operator') are users who are given extra tools to help with maintenance of the wiki. Administrators may be given even more responsibility and tools by being appointed as Bureaucrats (B'crats).

Tools and Responsibilities

Administrators can:

  • Block disruptive users
  • Delete and restore pages
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages

Bureaucrats can do all of the above, plus:

  • Promote users to the level of rollback, administrator and bureaucrat
  • Demote users from the levels of rollback and administrator (demoting bureaucrats is a power reserved to Wikia Staff; the only exception is when a bureaucrat wants to demote themselves, in which case they can do it manually)

In addition to the technical tools inherently afforded to administrators and bureaucrats, several other community responsibilities are reserved for administrators and/or bureaucrats:


Formerly we operated a policy on admin inactivity. This old policy, no longer in force, can be found here.

Our current policy on admin inactivity, as adopted here is as follows:

  • Once a user has passed an RfA to become an admin, they hold the position for life, unless exceptional circumstances warrant otherwise (see section 'Rights Removal').
  • All users downgraded under the previous policy who haven't undergone an RfA require an RfA to resume rights. Any previous exceptions have been revoked.
  • For the purposes of this policy, DEathgod65 and Bondpedia are treated as if having won an RfA.
  • Admins are declared inactive, for the purposes of the below section, after 60 days of consecutive non-editing. This lasts until they begin editing again. There is no consequence for inactivity, it is merely used to point out the most appropriate sources of help to other users.


(When updating the list below, please also consider updating Battlefield Wiki:History#Admin History)
User Admin? Bureaucrat? Active?
Bondpedia (talk, contribs.) Tick 8 April, 2008 Tick 28 February, 2009 Cross
DEathgod65 (talk, contribs.) Tick 30 March, 2010 Cross Cross
Doc.Richtofen (talk, contribs.) Tick 26 April, 2010 Cross Cross
SSDGFCTCT9 (talk, contribs.) Tick 3 May, 2010 Tick 22 August, 2010 Cross
Heatedpete (talk, contribs.) Tick 4 June, 2010 Cross Cross
CruzDude (talk, contribs.) Tick 2 August, 2010 Cross Cross
PresidentEden78 (talk, contribs.) Tick 14 March, 2011 Tick 15 September, 2011 Cross
TheKnightOfOyashiro (YuriKaslov) (talk, contribs.) Tick 15 September, 2011 Tick 6 June, 2013 Cross
Maxwell123 (talk, contribs.) Tick 27 January, 2012 Cross Cross
Pedro9basket (talk, contribs.) Tick 15 March, 2012 Cross Cross
3RDRANGER (talk) Tick 15 March, 2012 Tick 22 November, 2012 Tick
Slopijoe (talk, contribs.) Tick 30 July, 2012 Tick 31 August, 2013 Cross
PSKwhirled (talk, contribs.) Tick 14 April, 2013 Tick 7 December, 2013 Cross
PLR Soldier (talk, contribs.) Tick 13 August, 2013 Tick 7 December, 2013 Cross
Awyman13 (talk, contribs.) Tick 10 November, 2013 Tick 7 December, 2013 Tick
ArrowTwoActual (talk, contribs.) Tick 30 January, 2014 Cross Cross
Apprentice125 (talk, contribs.) Tick 20 November, 2014 Tick 24 November, 2015 Cross
FluoxetinePatch (talk) Tick 24 November, 2014 Tick 10 July, 2018 Tick
Nayhem (talk) Tick 9 February, 2017 Cross Tick
Lamicrosz (talk) Tick 13 November, 2018 Cross Tick
  • Our bot also has admin privileges
  • To see a list of former admins, visit our history page

Other Flag Levels

There are several more, albeit very rare, user flag levels, above the level of bureaucrat. These are:

  • Wikia Staff and Helpers - Employees of, and volunteers working for, Wikia, who are empowered with multiple tools across all wikis.
  • VSTF (Volunteer Spam Task Force) - Have tools to combat vandalism and spam across all wikis.

Nominate Yourself

You can nominate yourself to be an admin or b'crat here. Suggestions about any prospective candidate and the procedure involved are outlined at that page.

Prospective rollbacks/trusted users need not apply formally, just ask a b'crat. They may wish to consult with the community, but usually it is straight forward.

Username Colours

Per Forum:Name Colours, we operate a system of name highlights, whereby all links to the userpages of administrators, bureaucrats and rollbacks/trusted users are coloured, rather than plain blue (using the relevant section of MediaWiki:Wikia.css). The colours are as follows:

  • Bureaucrats - Orange
  • Administrators - Gold
  • Rollbacks/Trusted Users - Teal
  • Bots - Green

Wikia-wide privilidges are highlighted as follows:

  • Staff - Light Blue
  • Wiki Managers, Helpers, VSTF - Purple

Rights Removal

All users with community appointed user rights - i.e. trusted users/rollbacks, admins and b'crats - may have their rights removed if the community votes this is the most appropriate course of action.

Circumstances warranting such action include abuse of admin/b'crat tools or authority, where a trusted user is deemed to be no longer trustworthy enough to hold such a position, or where a user with such rights is blocked for any period of time.

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