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This is a record of an old policy

Per a proposal on the forums, we now operate a policy whereby admins and bureaucrats only maintain rights for as long as they are active. Here's how it works:

  • If an admin/b'crat doesn't edit in the mainspace for 1 month, they are given a warning notice
  • After another month of mainspace inactivity (so 2 months in total), users are downgraded
  • If an acceptable reason is given prior to absence, the total period may be extended to 3 months rather than 2. This is decided case-by-case by a vote on the forums
  • A return to activity is defined as 20 mainspace edits in 3 days
  • Upon meeting the above requirements, users may request to resume rights as follows
    • If the user gained rights through RfA, they need only request re-promoting from a bureaucrat
    • If the user didn't gain rights through RfA, users must pass an RfA to resume rights
    • LOL.its.Neotails is exempt from requiring an RfA
  • If downgraded, the admin award is removed (if applicable), unless a long-term user formally retires, at which point they may keep their award as a badge of honor. This is decided on a case-by-case basis on the forums. This does not affect the above protocol.

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