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The Battlefield series is an award-winning series of console and PC games that began with Battlefield 1942. The series is developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The games focus on large, online multiplayer battles, with emphasis on vehicle warfare as well as team-based infantry combat and teamwork, rather than traditional FPS games. By 2008, the Battlefield series had sold over 17 million copies and by 2012, the games had served more than 50 million players worldwide.


Development for the first installment in the series, Battlefield 1942, started shortly after DICE's acquisition of Refraction Games in 2000, the developer behind Codename Eagle which is largely considered to be the precursor to the series. Refraction's acquisition enabled the use of the Refractor engine, which was later improved and labeled Refractor 2. The engine allowed DICE to build expansive maps, and provide greater emphasis on vehicle warfare, a feature that has defined the series.

The purchase of DICE by Electronic Arts in 2006 allowed for the creation of the Frostbite engine, which introduced destruction to the series, as well as better graphics, sounds, and realism.


The Road To Rome (2003)
Secret Weapons of WWII (2003)
Special Forces (2005)
Euro Force (2006)
Armored Fury (2006)
Northern Strike (2007)
Vietnam (2010)
Back to Karkand (2011)
Close Quarters (2012)
Armored Kill (2012)
Aftermath (2012)
End Game (2013)
Second Assault (2013)
China Rising (2013)
Naval Strike (2014)
Dragon's Teeth (2014)
Final Stand (2014)
Weapons Crate Pack (2015)
Operations (2015)
Night Operations (2015)
Community Operations (2015)
Legacy Operations (2015)
Criminal Activity (2015)
Robbery (2015)
Blackout (2015)
Getaway (2016)
Betrayal (2016)
They Shall Not Pass (2017)
In the Name of the Tsar (2017)
Turning Tides (2017/2018)
Apocalypse (2018)




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