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Battlefunds were an in-game currency within Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free that was purchased for real world money and allowed players to access certain items such as weapon or clothing. They also gave players the ability to purchase items for longer periods of time and even allow them to be permanently purchased. Battlefunds had to be bought in blocks of 700 ($5 USD), and could be purchased from the in-game store or via SMS. They were replaced by Play4Free Funds on January 18th, 2012.[1]

Some exlusive items include:

Payment OptionsEdit

Items can be purchased for a limited duration of time or permanently with the exception of widgets. Widgets are available as package of a certain number of uses, like the Repair widget, or available for a time duration, like the XP Boost widget.

VP Exchange RateEdit

Player cannot buy funds with Valor points and vice versa. Despite this, the average exchange rate is 1 BF is about 30 VP.

Calculations: Super/Uber Weapons:
1 Day: 450 VP
14 Days = 210 BF
→ 14 Days: 6300 VP
→ 1 Day = 15 BF

⇒ 1BF = 30VP

10 Bandages = 100 VP
50 Bandages = 35 BF
→ 50 Bandages = 500 VP = 35 BF

⇒ 1BF = 20 VP

Throwing Knife:
5 Knives = 250 VP
45 Knives = 150 BF
→ 45 Knives = 2250 VP = 150 BF

⇒ 1BF = 15 VP

5 Balls = 200 VP
50 Balls = 140 BF
→ 50 Balls = 2000 VP = 140

⇒ 1BF = 14,3 VP


Occasionally, Battlefunds could be earned via in-game promotions, sales, contests and gifts.

Amount of Battlefunds Original Bundle Amount How to Obtain
100Battlefunds - Awarded to players for reaching 10 million registered users. Given with the "We are 10000000" shirts.
700Battlefunds - Sign up to the EA Gun Club newsletter.[2]
910Battlefunds 700Battlefunds Purchase the respective bundle from December 24th, 2010 (December 14th, 2010 for the 3,640Battlefunds bundle) to December 31st, 2010 during the Christmas 2010 update using the code 2EE5-2GDZ-FKCQ-2E58. SMS sales did not get this promotion. The 9,100Battlefunds and 18,200Battlefunds promotions were only available in certain regions.[3]
1,820Battlefunds 1,400Battlefunds
3,640Battlefunds 2,800Battlefunds
9,100Battlefunds 7,000Battlefunds
18,200Battlefunds 14,000Battlefunds
2,000Battlefunds - Given to all players for Valentine's Day 2012.


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