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"The Baur H-AR (Heavy Assault Rifle) is a bulked-up edition of the SCAR 11, firing high-caliber, tungsten-core ammunition for maximum damage potential. Manufactured with HM-3 composite metals, the weighty, but powerful Baur H-AR is found most often in front line conflict."

— In-Game Description

Baur H-AR (Heavy Assault Rifle) is a heavy assault rifle featured in Battlefield 2142. It is available as an unlock for the Assault kit for all factions

The Baur's high damage allows it in all but one situations (maximum range, no heavy armor) kill an enemy with one less bullet than any other assault rifle. The other key feature is the first shot accuracy the weapon has, although the spread increases very quickly with subsequent shots.

Other disadvantages of this weapon includes a slow rate of fire and a small magazine capacity. The reload of this small magazine though is rather fast. It can be equipped with PK-74 AR-Rockets or the Herzog AR-Shotgun. When these attachments are equipped, the rounds in a rectangular magazine are loaded into another tilting slot like the main magazine under the weapon near the trigger.