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"Berlin, even though it has been heavily bombed, still has strong protection to offer the city inhabitants. Large avenues make tanks a constant threat to infantry."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

The Battle of Berlin (German: Schlacht um Berlin, Russian: Берлинская наступательная операция), fought in 1945 between the forces of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union over the German capital was the final major battle in the European theater of World War II, resulting in the decimation of the German forces and the eventual surrender of Germany. It is a map featured in Battlefield 1942.


"While the Western Allies have stopped at the Elbe, Russian forces are poised for the final push into Berlin. There's been heavy fighting reported throughout the city, but Red Army soldiers are determined to overtake the city street by street.

On both sides casualties are high. The Germans, however, are clearly at a disadvantage and they seem to be fighting with even more desperation than ever before. They refuse to surrender, knowing that this battle could very well be their last."

— Soviet Map Briefing

"Allied forces are marching toward Berlin on multiple fronts. In the city, German troops and citizens continue to fight in the desperate hope that they can hold off the Russians and surrender instead to the Western Allies.

It's been very quiet at the Reichstag lately. It's unclear what plans German command has for continuing the defense of Berlin."

— German Map Briefing


"The war is almost over! Defeat the last of the German army forces and capture all of their outposts to ensure a final victory."

— Soviet campaign briefing

"We must hold! Make the Russians pay for every street they take and maintain control of the outposts to ensure our victory."

— German campaign briefing

BF1942 Berlin campaign

Campaign briefing

The battle is primarily an infantry map, although there are several tanks. The Soviets must advance from their uncapturable base to try to control the three capturable German outposts. The Germans are at a disadvantage with only one tank and an APC vs two Soviet T-34 tanks. The Soviet Army suffers ticket bleed that can be stopped by capturing any one of the three flags.

Berlin, like Stalingrad, has a reputation of being quite susceptible to grenade spam. Some servers have had to be modified not to allow grenades.


Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955) Red Army

M3 Half-track

Medium tank(s)


Heavy tank(s)




Flag Germany 1933 Wehrmacht


Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV




Soviet Base[]

The Soviet HQ consists of a narrow street. With an MG gun in the front of spawn, its defensive capabilities are really worth something. However, the Soviet flag is rather open and can turn into a killzone with rather ease. Near the edge of intersection is a building with three levels; climbing to the third story can provide a sniping point to the street. A second entrance is located in a narrow alleyway that comes out behind the flag. It's covered to some degree by an MG position in the top floor of a building. The base is uncapturable and spawns one T-34-85, one T-34, and two MG emplacements.

Brunnenstrasse HQ[]

The Brunnenstrasse HQ is the closest flag to the Soviet flag. Its layout is an open area with a sandbag fortification against the wall. Grenades work well in this base for players who need to dislodge several enemy troops. The base spawns no vehicles or emplacements. 

German Mitte HQ[]

The German Mitte HQ is located right across the street from the Brunnenstrasse HQ. The flag spawns the only APC spawn in the map, which actually spawns away from the flag, out in the middle of the main street. The layout is basically a group of small buildings. The northern part of the block is where two MG 42 facing towards the soviets are located. Another MG emplacement is located near the actual flag itself facing towards a narrow street. The building in the northern part has some windows that face towards the little courtyard where the flag is located. There are two ammo boxes near the actual flag itself. A Hanomag and three MG emplacements spawn here.

In singleplayer the Hanomag will not spawn.

Bernauer Strasse HQ[]

The Germans' possible last stand is located in the western part of the map. This spawns the only armor available to the Germans: a single Panzer IV. The flag is centered between several bombed out buildings. 

Capture the Flag[]

All control points have been removed, except the Soviet Base and Bernauer Strasse HQ, which are now the objective flags. The vehicle layout is the same.

Team Deathmatch[]

The control point and vehicle layouts are the same as Conquest, except Bernauer Strasse HQ is now uncapturable and spawns an additional Tiger.


"It turned out that the Germans continued to fight on in hope that they could surrender to the Western Allies rather than to the Russians. Little did they know that the Americans and British had already made a pact to wait at the Elbe while the Red Army marched into Berlin. Now the ruined city is quiet. Throughout the world the supremacy of the Red Army will be remembered forever."

— Soviet victory

"This is a humiliating defeat for the Red Army. Perhaps the soldiers were overconfident, or maybe they were simply exhausted from so many battles. In any event, the Germans have withstood a vicious assault on Berlin. It's certain that the Russians will attack the city again - it's just a matter of when."

— Soviet defeat

"By holding off the Red Army, the German people live to fight another day. Many have given their lives in the hopes that they could surrender to the Americans instead of the Russians. It seems clear now that the Americans will not advance from their positions on the Elbe. As long as the Russian Army continues to press the attack, Germany will defend its homeland."

— German victory

"Berlin has fallen to the Russians. The war is over."

— German defeat



There is an unused MG42 at the fourth-floor balcony southeast building of Bernauer Strasse HQ control point, which players cannot be accessible by any means. It is also present in Team Deathmatch, but not in singleplayer or Capture the Flag.