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"Roark's pulling jobs around Miami and L.A. with someone named Big Eddie, whoever the hell that is."

Nick Mendoza

Big Eddie is an unseen character featured in Battlefield Hardline and the true main antagonist of the game. Not much is currently known about him except that he has been pulling a number of jobs with Neil Roark across Los Angeles and Miami. Nicholas Mendoza found evidence pertaining to Big Eddie during this "Power Play" investigation and had speculated that these jobs involved bank hits, stating that not much else was worth their time due to their resources.

This is supported by a bank robbery that occurred in Los Angeles which was done by breaking into the vault via explosives through the freezer of a restaurant called "Big Eddie Spaghetti". Another restaurant, "Big Eddie's Bistro", located on the California coast, was known to be fronting for a drug smuggling operation.

He enacted the Syndicate Program in order to recruit known criminals and crooked cops to his organization.



  • The official expansion pack description for Battlefield Hardline states "Who the heck is Eddie Spaghetti? Did you spot him? Dig more into his background through four digital expansion packs" meaning that the character's background will be revealed through the release of each expansion.[1]


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