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BioWare is a Canadian video game developer owned by Electronic Arts. Founded in 1995, the company specializes in role-playing video games and are best known for the development of the Mass Effect series and the Dragon Age series.

The studio assisted in the development of Battlefield 4, as seen within the games credits.[1]


  • There is a model of the Normandy SR-2 on Donya Fortress, the ship of Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series which was developed by Bioware.
  • Those who purchase new copies of Battlefield 3 were given early access to the Mass Effect 3 Beta. The slip that contained the access code for the beta featured a soldier from the game's multiplayer but was made to look reminiscent of the soldier on the cover of Battlefield 3.
  • There are two multiplayer dog tags in Battlefield 3 that reference the Mass Effect series.
  • The Inquisition Sword featured in Battlefield Hardline is modeled after a weapon from BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition. The trophy awarded through obtaining 50 kills with the weapon is called "Bio-Beware!" which is a play on BioWare's name.


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