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The Ordnance QF 25-pdr on Carrier Valentine 25-pdr Mk 1 "Bishop" was a self-propelled artillery vehicle used by the British during World War II. A modification of the Valentine infantry tank, the Bishop replaced the rotating turret with a boxy armored superstructure to mount a single QF 25-pdr howitzer. Around 150 vehicles were built, entering service in 1942.

Battlefield V[]

The Bishop Artillery is an unusable vehicle featured in Battlefield V. Its single in-game appearance is as a vehicle wreck on the map Arras.

A drivable version of the Bishop was planned, with a UI icon, model and some Vehicle Customization items evident in the game files, but with weapons and projectile data missing.[1] It was cut alongside several other self-propelled artillery vehicles, namely the Churchill AVRE, Hummel and Grille. As of patch 6.2 the vehicle has been removed from the game files.[2] The vehicle had a rotating turret and could seat only one player as driver.