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"At the Palm Courts Mall in downtown Miami, the summer “Shop ‘til You Drop” promotion has taken on a twisted new meaning. Gone are the throngs of manic shoppers picking clean every shelf, and fighting each other off for a chance to score a ten percent discount. In their place are a phalanx of elite police officers, squared off against an entrenched gang of thieves caught in a heist-gone-wrong."

— Official description

Black Friday is a map featured in the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity expansion.[1] The map takes place during a heist in a shopping mall in downtown Miami.


SWAT DeploymentEdit

Thieves DeploymentEdit


A: West PlazaEdit

B: Jewelry StoreEdit

C: Food CourtEdit

D: Clothing StoreEdit

E: East PlazaEdit



  • A store known as "Store 40" features mannequins wearing Intermediate Engineer RIG helmet from Dead Space, which was also developed by Visceral Games. The same store also features another RIG suit helmet and as well as a statue of a Marker.
  • A jewellery store in the mall is named "Miami Ice", in reference to the TV show Miami Vice, which Hardline takes some inspiration from.
  • The mall features a store known as "Hot Wire", referencing the Hotwire gamemode which is unavailable on the map.
  • In the game files this map is named xp1_mallcops.