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Bristol Blenheim IRL

A restored Bristol Blenheim in real life.

The Bristol Blenheim is a British light bomber aircraft designed and built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company (Bristol) which was used extensively in the first two years of, as well as throughout, the Second World War.

The Blenheim was one of the first British aircraft with an all-metal stressed-skin construction, retractable landing gear, flaps, a powered gun turret and variable-pitch propellers. The Mk I was faster than most fighters in the late 1930s but the advance in development of monoplane fighters made all bombers more vulnerable particularly if flown in daylight, though it proved successful as a night fighter. Both Blenheim types were used by overseas operators, being licence built in Yugoslavia and Finland.

Battlefield VEdit

The Blenheim is a vehicle set to be featured in Battlefield V, and was first seen in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer and in pre-rendered screenshots. It functions as the Bomber for the British team. The aircraft has three seats, with one pilot, as well as one front and one rear gunner.

The only variant available in the Pre-Alpha, the Blenheim Mk IF, is fitted with a single, forward firing .303 MG in addition to its bomb load of four 250lb and eight 40lb bombs.