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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 12 April

Battlefield Briefing – Crimson Front

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Frontlines is coming back!

With the Crimson Front Event unfolding in Battlefield 2042, get ready to experience the unprecedented global assault by the Ground Forces' 4th Battalion of the Thousand Petal Coalition. Known as The Red Hand, this experienced and lethal battalion is reputed for pushing the front lines and never falling back.

]] - Rare Weapon Charm

    • Fractures - Rare Player Card Tag
  • Crimson Front Bundle - 3500 Battlefield Coins
    • The “The Red Hand”, “Stranglehold”, and “Blood Pact” in a combined bundle.

We’re counting on you to hold the line during the time limited event Crimson Front, starting April 16, 202…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 15 February

Battlefield Briefing – Dark Protocol

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

The Boreas facility has been breached and AOS, the Boreas artificial intelligence, has hijacked communication centers around the world.

You are the Ascension Company. Your mission: Shut down the emerging threat within the facility.

]] - Falck Epic Headgear

  • Envenomate - Rare Player Card Tag

Ascension Company Bundle - 3500 Battlefield Coins

  • The “No Antidote” and “Hot Spot” in a combined bundle.

Join us this Halloween, and use everything at your disposal to contain the threat during the Limited Time Dark Protocol Event starting October 31. You’re going to need it.

PTFO, and stay alive.

//The Battlefield Team

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 17 August 2023

Battlefield Briefing – Development Update, August 2023

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Hello there!

We’re back for another Battlefield 2042 Development Update to share with you what’s upcoming later this year.

]] weapon charm

  • And more!

Redux Community Calendar

There is a wide variety of modes available for play during Redux which you can now play on more maps, and with increased weather effects. We've prepared an overview for you with our Community Calendar.

Revisiting Limited Time Event Modes

If you missed our previous Limited Time Events, or you need a reminder on how to play their unique modes then we also have a brief overview for you here.

Rush Chaos XL

In Rush XL, destroy MCOMs to advance across …

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 10 July 2023

Battlefield Briefing – The Arkangel Directive

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

This is the Arkangel Directive.

We invite you to join us on the Battlefield for a new special in-game event between July 11 from 12 PM UTC until July 25 @ 12 PM UTC.

During the event you'll play as the Arkangel Legion faction, a private military arm of the Arkangel Corporation. It’s a neutral enterprise at the service of all nations, invested in the betterment of humanity through the application of robotics and AI technologies.

With both superpowers licking their wounds after nearly a decade of war, the Arkangel Legion is in high demand – on both sides of the conflict.

With the financial backing of the wealthiest…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 3 June 2023

Battlefield Briefing – Development Update, May 2023

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

It’s a New Dawn.

Today we invite you to join us for our latest Development Update where we give you an overview of everything new in Season 5: New Dawn for Battlefield 2042.

Let’s take a look!

If you’d like to read along instead, then we also got you covered below.

New Map: Reclaimed

In 2048, war descends upon an abandoned industrial facility slowly being retaken by nature in Czechia with the battle taking place over a secret train route.

The Crash Site, featuring the derailed train, is designed primarily as a vehicle combat area, with the Landing Zone an area of forest providing a circular area that will enabl…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 14 April 2023

Battlefield Briefing – Leviathan Rising

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Welcome to Leviathan Rising.

We invite you to join us on the Battlefield for a new special in-game event between April 11 @ 12:00 UTC until April 25 @ 12:00 UTC*.

Wherever hostile forces threaten the No-Pats' future, the dreaded Leviathan Division is there to strike them down. As a member of Blasco's elite task force, your mission is to sabotage the enemy's operation and force their retreat.

Remember what you’re fighting for, No-Pats.

Weapon Charm

Tips and Tricks to dominate Shutdown

General Tips:

  • Use smokes. They can hide Lances, Lance Carriers, and Lance defusers.
  • Shut down vulnerable objectives. You’ll receive …
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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 23 February 2023

Battlefield Briefing - Development Update, February 2023

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Hey everyone,

It’s been an exciting start to 2023! On January 31, we introduced The Return to the Class System, alongside Update 3.2 to close out Season 3.

It’s been an important journey for the team as we acted on your feedback and worked to bring Classes to Battlefield 2042. This update also came with new and fresh gameplay, and we hope so far you’re enjoying it as much as we did developing it.

We’re happy with how the new meta and balance is playing out so far, though there are still further improvements we’d like to make. Expect further changes in the future, such as character balance for Lis.

Now on to o…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 27 January 2023

Battlefield Briefing - December Recap

Hey everyone,

With 2022 coming to a close, we sat down to recap what’s happening towards the end of December, and what’s upcoming in the new year.

Starting on December 20 until January 10, we are excited to see you jump into the new Battle for Nordvik Event. There will be new cosmetics to earn and grab as the battle unfolds and you’ll play through 3 unique experiences over a total of 3 weeks.

If you haven’t had a chance to play yet and you want to check out the Battle for Nordvik, or maybe you’d like to invite a friend to join you, then you can still download and play free on PlayStation until December 23, 16:00 UTC.

First up in the New Year is our next major game update which brings an improved Breakaway as the latest map rework, alongside th…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 27 January 2023

Battlefield Briefing – Secure Victory in Battle of Nordvik

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Three weeks. Three experiences. Call the shots your way. This is Battle of Nordvik – where the upper-hand means nothing and securing the objectives at all costs means everything. Gather your squad, and secure your path to victory.


Welcome to Battle of Nordvik.

We invite you to join us on the Battlefield for a new special in-game event* starting on December 20. It runs for a total of 3 weeks, with a different time-limited and unique experience available each week.

When Nordvik’s secret alliance with the West is revealed, Eastern Forces retaliate with an aggressive siege of this remote facility in the Sw…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 26 January 2023

Battlefield Briefing – First Look at 2023

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Hello Battlefield Community,

The recent launch of Season 3: Escalation marks one year of Battlefield 2042. As a development team we are proud of the work we have done across all our Updates to evolve and improve the game, and also delivering three Seasons of new content. So we want to thank you – our community – for sticking with us. And if you haven’t jumped into Battlefield 2042 yet, now is a great time to give it a go as you can play free in December across all platforms*. Feedback from you all has been at the heart of our work and the game is now much closer to our ambitions for it…but we’re not stopping…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 26 January 2023

Battlefield Briefing - Development Update, November 2022

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format for archive reason.

Hey Folks -

As we head into the end of Season 2: Master of Arms, we want to get you up to speed with where we’re at with Season 3, our work on the Specialist and Classes Revamp, which weapons are next to join the 2042 arsenal, map reworks, and exciting news about life for Battlefield 2042 beyond Season 4.

Here’s Alexia Christofi from the Battlefield 2042 Development team to tell you more:

To recap our Development Update video, we’re drawing ever closer to the start of Season 3, which is set to bring with it a new Specialist, a brand new map alongside reworks for both Manifest and Breakaway, and all new hardwa…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 18 October 2022

Battlefield Briefing - The Liquidators Event

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format.

You are The Liquidators.

When a competitor threatens their business, the Dark Market sends their Liquidators - a vicious hit squad that specializes in "involuntary asset liquidation". Your job is to dissolve enemy squads from the Battlefield and capture areas critical to the Dark Market's bottom line.

The Liquidators are here to get the job done.

From tighter playspaces, smaller teams to infantry only, this 2-week only, mid-season event is prime close-quarters combat. Play your cards right and make the difference. Your squad will need it.

Come join us as a vicious hit squad in time-limited The Liquidators Event between October…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 25 September 2022

Battlefield Briefing - Welcome to Season 2: Master of Arms

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format.

Hey Folks -

Season 2: Master of Arms is now available for play across all platforms!

Ahead of the launch of Update 2.0 and the new Season, I sat down for a chat with Lead Game Designer Florian Le Bihan, and Game Design Director Feras Musmar. We’ll take you behind the scenes and talk you through the new content and changes.

If you missed our broadcast over on the Battlefield Twitch Channel, you can watch it back below:

What’s new in Season 2?

New Map: Stranded

This season, we head to Panama and a desert lake drained of water. Fight around and inside a beached container ship housing an illicit arms trading center.

We’ve built Stran…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 28 August 2022

Battlefield Briefing - Development Update, August 2022

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format.

Hey folks! -

Hoping that you all had a great summer. We’re back at it following our own summer break, and wanted to give you some insight on where our focus is as we close out Season 1: Zero Hour, and look ahead to the start of Season 2 and beyond. If you’re looking to get straight to it, have a watch of the video below to check in with Alexia Christofi and the Battlefield Development team, and come back here afterwards for the recap.

  • 1 What we learned from Season 1?
  • 2 Core Feedback: Specialists (and how we’re bringing Classes back to Battlefield)
  • 3 Vault Weapons (bringing Battlefield Portal weapons to the 2042 armory)
  • 4 Maps (evol…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 15 June 2022

Battlefield Briefing - Welcome to Zero Hour

This was originally post by developer team on Official website. I only make an adjustment to make it work with wiki format.

Find out what’s new in Battlefield 2042 Season 1: Zero Hour

Hey folks! With Season One now out and available to play, I sat down with Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, and Producers Nika Bender, and Alexia Christofi to share some insight into the work we’ve done to bring this new update to life.

We streamed this live over on the Battlefield Twitch Channel, but in case you missed it, you can watch it back below:

seasonal cosmetics.

Upgrade to Premium at any time to get access to rewards on all 100 Battle Pass tiers, and instantly unlock Premium rewards like the Zero Hour bundle plus all Battle Pass Tiers you have already progr…

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Lamicrosz Lamicrosz 28 May 2022

Battlefield Briefing: Development Update, May 2022

This was originally post by developer team on Official website and their forums. I only make an adjust to make it work with wiki format.

Hey Folks -

Over the past few months, we've shared some of the key areas of focus for Battlefield 2042. Through our Core Feedback Loop, we've also shown off some of the work we've been doing on those areas. As we’ve been working to get Season 1 into your hands, it’s been a while since we provided you with a better overview of where we are with that work, and the changes and improvements that you can expect to see coming to the game throughout the year.

To bring you in on what we’ve been working on I recently sat down with Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, and Creative Director for Battlefield 2042, Lars Gustavsso…

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Nayhem Nayhem 5 January 2022

BF2042 Keybinding Guide/Controller

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Some unconfirmed controller bindings. On prior titles, axis=24 is used with buttons, and button=64 may be used with joystick axes.

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Nayhem Nayhem 5 January 2022

BF2042 Keybinding Guide/Mouse

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Bindings for mouse controls. Prior titles may use axis 13 (possibly scroll wheel tilt) or 24, and type 1.

Other values return "ID_INVALID_NUMVALUE_MOUSE".

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Nayhem Nayhem 5 January 2022

BF2042 Keybinding Guide/Keyboard

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What I believe to be a thorough listing of keyboard button values. For , axis=0 and type=2. Set button to one of the values found below, and negate as needed.

Note how many of the keys follow the layout of typical US keyboards, along with the dual layout of the numpad/edit keys. Values in brackets are graphical in BF2042. Invalid button values and values past 255 are not listed.

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Nayhem Nayhem 5 January 2022

BF2042 Keybinding Guide

  • /Keyboard
  • /Mouse
  • /Controller

For PC players, keeps a special file called PROFSAVE_profile in your game settings folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings). With the current patch apparently making some keybinds for mouse difficult, the following guide is meant to assist you with making manual keybinds that the game GUI isn't performing properly.

  • 1 Problem
  • 2 Preparation
  • 3 Syntax
    • 3.1 Invalid keybinds
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Examples
    • 5.1 Move forward/backward with W/S
    • 5.2 Move forward/backward with E/D
    • 5.3 Turn turret with arrow keys
    • 5.4 Scrollwheel primary/secondary
  • 6 Untested

Update 3.1 seems to have broken all mouse keybind ability. When attempting to enter a keybind, the game prompts you to hold the Xbox Menu button to clear the command. However, mouse commands…

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Original Authority Original Authority 26 December 2021

Themes, Themes, Themes!

Hey there — this is the second blog in the series of little "help lessons", and will focus around themes, the ThemeDesigner and most specifically, FandomDesktop!

Generally, a wikis "theme" is the way it looks to visitors. Each wiki has its own theme, and this allows for communtiies to explore their creativity and match their wiki to the specific content it will be hosting; it also allows for wikis to be unique.

  • 1 FandomDesktop
    • 1.1 Global elements
  • 2 ThemeDesigner
  • 3 Other tweaks/themeing
  • 4 Conclusions

FandomDesktop is the newly introduced theme for Fandom wikis. Whilst it is similar to the old theme, Oasis — which has now been retired — there are some distinct features and improvements. With FandomDesktop, we have a central content area which is now res…

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Original Authority Original Authority 14 December 2021

Search Engine Optimisation

Howdy! In this little blog we're going to get to grips with SEO — which stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a way in which wikis (and other websites) are ranked and displayed within search engines; we are primarily concerned with how wikis rank in Google, but it isn't to say we shouldn't be optimising for other engines too!.

One way — and perhaps the most important — to better your SEO, and therefore increase visibility within SERPS (search engine results page) is to have thoughtful, unique and engaging content. Having unique pages is important, and we must ensure that we're not copying other websites as this will damage our SEO standing. It is also important that we consi…

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Nayhem Nayhem 29 October 2021

Order from disorder

I'm currently working through a rough problem: getting categories, navboxes, and tabbers/subpages to all cooperate with each other.

These are major parts of a page, created with each header tag (i.e. anything you surround with equal signs). They are also assigned URL anchors allowing them to be navigated by means of a hash/pound (#) symbol. Quite often, game titles on BFW are assigned H2 tags, being big and divisive.
Tabbers are an technique allowing a long article to be broken into manageable pieces for the reader, showing only one section at a time. (A great deal of these were added by Awyman13!) Here on BFW, they place all game titles featured on a page on equal ground, where before a new game would always be positioned at…

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Nayhem Nayhem 7 June 2021

Fandom redesign

Ick …

No idea where the colors came from. There's gonna be plenty of hard-coded formatting to rip out in order to make things legible once more. To all of us who wholeheartedly copied in each and every bit of HTML formatting, what the hell were we thinking?

[Some of you may notice I neglected to apply the font changes and infobox BGs I was testing. Perhaps I'll rethink things if the next BF piques my interest.]

… Tolerable, using the dark design.

Still, I can't see my own cursor when using source editor. Why is it hard-coded to black?

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Mydemons13 Mydemons13 15 November 2019

User:mydemons13 journal

November 15. Did some digging on sulis, one secret room (appears to be solitary confinement) lots of writing on the walls, creepy writing, I focused on one line: "Alexandra, my time is up, my research is lost, consumed. Alexandra is a Christian saint and a martyr, stripped of her Christianity when she visited Saint George whilst he was being tortured she bowed her head and pressed her faith openly. When questioned worthy of paradise and of martyrdom without being baptized, George said, "do not fear, for your blood will baptize you." 

She was executed on April 21, 303 A.D.

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Awyman13 Awyman13 25 July 2019

Battlefield V Update 1.21 Patch Notes

Hello everyone. Update 1.21 is here for Battlefield V. This update is specifically designed to tackle the multiple stability issues plaguing the game due to the previous two updates. It is also supposed to remove instances of the "invisible soldier". See the patch notes below for all the changes as noted by Adam Freeman on Forums. --awyman13 (Talk/Work) 15:25, July 25, 2019 (UTC)

  • 1 Patch Notes
    • 1.1 What’s New?
    • 1.2 What’s Changed?
    • 1.3 What’s being worked on for Update 4.4?

This update targets fixes for errant issues identified after the release of Junes mid-month update. This follows the release of a sequence of Hotfixes designed to address stability and performance issues, which continue to be a priority for the team for future updates. …

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Wardie1993 Wardie1993 7 July 2019

MAS-36 in the BF V

I hope this weapon will be added, we already have the MAS 44, I liked the MAS-36 in Big Red One.

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Awyman13 Awyman13 17 May 2019

Merging with the BF Heroes and Play4Free Wikis

Hello everyone. We have received confirmation to merge the Battlefield Heroes Wiki and Battlefield Play4Free Wiki with our Wiki. Both Wikis are dead and have no active admins or editors. To accomplish this, we will copy/paste all pages and add them to applicable pages. This can be done through Special:Import/Export. We will also reformat them as necessary.

Once complete, both Wikis will be closed by Staff. Let me know if any of you have questions. - --awyman13 (Talk/Work) 17:02, May 17, 2019 (UTC)

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Awyman13 Awyman13 9 May 2019

Your Fandom Wiki Manager

Hi Everyone! I've spent the last nine years here on the Wiki and I am happy to inform you that I have been made a Fandom Wiki Manager. What does this mean? Well I will still remain a Bureaucrat and contribute here on the Battlefield Wiki when I can.

My primary role, however, will be to act as a liaison between Fandom Staff. Additionally, aside from improving our community and resolving any issues, I will be doing the same across multiple Wikis. Leave a comment below or on my talk page if you have any questions. Until next time, see you on the Battlefield! --awyman13 Talk Work 04:25, May 9, 2019 (UTC)

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Trainguy0217 Trainguy0217 14 April 2019

Battlefield 3, Bad Company 1 and 2, and Battllefield 4 connected?

So I have done some reading that after Battlefield 3 and the war of 2014 started the Russo-American War (or World War III). In Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2, it talks about two Russo-American wars that occurred, and in Battlefield 4 it talks about tensions running high between Russia and the United States. Does that make Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2, and Battlefield 4 all apart of the same story? 

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Brian.guo1 Brian.guo1 12 February 2019

BF2 Vehicle drop by Map


In Battlefield 2, the type of vehicle given by the commander's Vehicle Drop function differs by map. Here is a list of all the vehicles dropped on different maps.

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Venz412 Venz412 20 July 2018

My Battlefield Experience

My first battlefield experience came to me years ago since I played the first battlefield game: BATTLEFIELD 1942. there I learn more and feeling about being a soldier during the World War 2. and now I am an aspiring gamer who wants to have Battlefield 1.

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Austin5098 Austin5098 18 April 2018

how do i create a template

i have been wondering how people make templates as i can't seem to find out how to do them, all i've found is the extremely confusing wiki page for help. if someone could tell me how to make one i'd be greatful. (just to not sound like a spamming asshole i'm trying to make a signature)

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Mindscript Mindscript 8 February 2018

The Weapons, Gadgets and New Elite Skins We wished to be added

Hi, everyone. I saw the weapons, elite skins and gadgets added in Battlefield 1 via a lot research. But at the same time, I saw some people requesting the unadded ones for Battlefield 1. So I wondered, what kind of new weapons, new elite skins, new gadgets, new behemoths and new gadgets would you like to see in Battlefield 1? Feel free to leave a comment.

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TheAmazingBBP TheAmazingBBP 15 August 2010

PMG contest

I am trying to build a gun in PMG for every weapon in Bad Company 2, not including rocket launchers. But i am stuck on building a type 88 LMG, an UZI, an the MP-443. I need the best PMG you can build to match a creation to thse weapons. A few links:

The nearly completed gallery: User:Bumblebeeprime09/PMG stuff

Pimp my gun:

The winners will have their guns featured in the gallery with full credit.

I am now looking for a new MG3 pic, in case anyone can do a better one. Also, i have already found a T88 LMG pic, congrats to SSDFCT9 (If that is right) for making a damn good T88 LMG, as well as an evem more damn good M60.

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Laagone Laagone 7 September 2013

Why I seriously hate BF community

The typical Battlefield community is fucking horseshit. With that in mind, note the "typical". I'm not referring to every BF fan, I'm one myself, mind you, and there are certainly some pleasant ones out there including this wiki's members. But the ones that spark out the most in places such as YouTube, Battlelog and even in-game chat are so annoying I feel like I have more faith for the #YOLOSWAG teens rather than them.

I dream that some day it's common of everyone to value others' opinions without putting them down. But the elitist shitbags that BF community possesses make it look like it's a long wait.

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Nayhem Nayhem 30 October 2017


There are pages on the wiki relating to stuff other than shooting stuff and the people/vehicles that do it. Many of these topics used to be lumped under a "Concepts" category that was ill-defined and thus became bloated in some areas, and isolated in other areas.

I am taking some time to better organize what now falls under the general heading of Gameplay:

Anything that distinctly separates the Battlefield series from other franchises (e.g. Frostbite, Levolution), or is otherwise important enough to be given its own out-of-game menu (e.g. Customization, Awards) or service (Battlelog, Battlefield Premium).
Rules that affect how in-game characters and objects behave.
Systems by which a player may interact with the gameworld th…
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Nayhem Nayhem 12 October 2017


CSS for infobox templates have been adjusted, after many of them broke while upgrading them to Wikia's portable infoboxes, a project I started before becoming an admin. Many thanks to Ysbert, whose suggestions were incorporated into the current design, and to the administration for taking me on (and thus far not wildly complaining about these changes I again haven't exactly ran past anyone).

Continuing goals for templates:

  • Identify commonly-used labels and standardize the more sensible ones, while preserving as many of the existing ones as possible.
  • Provide meaningful documentation on all templates.
  • Provide blank templates aimed at both responsive editors (our "page starters") for quick construction, and thorough editors (our "page finishers")…
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Sannse Sannse 11 September 2017

Seeking Volunteer Curators

Hey Battlefield Wiki community!

I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite games, movies or TV shows - in this case, PC gaming. If you spend a bunch of time on the PC gaming subreddit or follow PC gaming news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

We're looking for people like you to help us round…

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Wardie1993 Wardie1993 2 January 2017

Weapon ideas for Battlefield 1


  • M1917 Enfield
  • Springfield M1892
  • Berthier rifle
  • Lebel Model 1886
  • Ross rifle
  • Pattern 1914 Enfield
  • Berdan II rifle
  • Carcano Modello 1891
  • Type 30 Arisaka
  • Farquhar-Hill rifle
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891
  • M1903 Springfield Infantry variant (in multiplayer)


  • M1909 Revolver
  • M1917 Revolver
  • S&W Model 10
  • Colt M1892
  • Nagant M1895
  • Modèle 1892 revolver
  • MAS 1873 revolver
  • Type 26 revolver
  • M1879/M1883 Reichsrevolver

Emplaced guns

  • M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun "Potato Digger"
  • Hotchkiss M1914
  • M1917 Browning machine gun
  • 37mm COW gun
  • Ordnance BLC 15-pounder gun
  • QF 2.95-inch Mountain Gun
  • QF 13-pounder 9cwt (acting as a AA equivalent of the FK 96, except using proximity airburst shells for taking down planes much like the QF 1 AA)
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Fastkak Fastkak 27 November 2016

The Forgotten Battlefield

Battlefield Bad Company

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Wardie1993 Wardie1993 8 November 2016

No "Springfield M1903 Infantry" variant?

One of the odd things I find about Battlefield 1 is that there isn't an Infantry variant of the M1903 Springfield in multiplayer, I find this odd because there's an Infantry variant of every other scout rifle, and an Infantry variant of the Springfield actually appears in the single player mission Storm of Steel, anyone have any theories as to why the Infantry variant of the Springfield doesn't appear in multiplayer?

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Wardie1993 Wardie1993 28 October 2016

Question about all the Battlefield 1 vehicle skins.

I've seen a video on youtube, specifically this one , in which quite a number of different vehicle skins are displayed, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea whether these skins are available, unlockable, or still in development.

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Awyman13 Awyman13 22 October 2016

Adding Battlefield 1 Codex Entries to Wiki

We're looking to add all 198 Codex Entries to the Wiki. If you've unlocked any feel free to create pages for them, showing the Entry picture and transcript.

An example would be The Lewis Gun Codex Entry which has a page name "The Lewis Gun (Codex Entry)".

When finished with pages, dont forget to add the "Codex Entries" Category. -- 08:42, October 22, 2016 (UTC)

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Jay0698 Jay0698 19 October 2016

The Story of Battlefield

Hey, so I just made a wiki account just to post this on my blog because I felt the need to share this! This is my theory for Battlefield 2142, Bad Company 1, 2, Battlefield 3 and 4's single player and multiplayer stories. My goal through this is to connect the stories of all these games and fill in as many plot holes as possible as I go. I don’t know about you guys but I enjoy stories a lot more when I have some idea of what the hell is going on in them. DICE’s stories for Battlefield 3 and 4, especially in the single player storyline of 4 and in the multiplayer of both games, are confusing and plot hole ridden at best. So I decided to fill in some of these holes, and along the way, realized that Bad Company 1, 2 and 2142 fit in perfectly.…

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3RDRANGER 3RDRANGER 9 October 2016

Road to Battlefield 1 - Livestream Event Hosted by DICE and EA, Running From October 12 Until October 21

Hello Battlefield Wiki! This is 3RDRANGER bringing you some later-than-new news about the upcoming game in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1.

The game is due to come out officially on October 21, 2016 (not counting the early access from EA Access, Origin Access, or the pre-order bonus). However, EA and DICE are hosting one last event for the game's pre-release marketing period in order to show off more of the game's singleplayer and multiplayer components.

Titled the "Road to Battlefield 1", the game will be livestreamed on the official Battlefield Twitch channel. Things from the game that will be shown off include a playthrough of the game's second chapter of the singleplayer campaign, Through Mud and Blood, a 64-player match on the map Ami…

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TheSecondSon15 TheSecondSon15 30 September 2016


Hi, I am an new contributor and I am pleased to expand or edit any of the wiki

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Wardie1993 Wardie1993 4 September 2016

Idea for two new vehicle classes

I have an idea for two new vehicle classes for Battlefield 1

Bridging the gap between the Bomber and the Airship L30 Behemoth is the four-engine Heavy Bomber, the Heavy Bomber is much more armed than the standard Bomber, and also contains much more bombs, a Heavy Bomber is a more difficult target for a fighter pilot to take on.

Potential Heavy Bombers:

  • Sikorsky Ilya Muromets (possibly included in an Imperial Russia DLC).
    • This huge four-engine Russian bomber entered service with the Imperial Russian Air Force in 1913, and wasn't retired until 1922, this bomber was revolutionary for 1913, and was so spacious it even included a passenger saloon and a washroom, the Central Powers didn't have a bomber which could rival this bomber until 1916-1917 when …

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Awyman13 Awyman13 15 August 2016

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Starts August 31st

GREAT NEWS Battlefield Wiki. DICE has finally announced in a blog post that the Open Beta for Battlefield 1 will be available for everyone on August 31st, 2016.

You can gain early access to it by signing up for Battlefield Insider, however. To do this, follow this link and sign up and join. Afterwards, select your preferred platform and you'll recieve an early access beta code sometime next week.

This must be done before August 21st so be quick about it. DICE has not stated exactly how much early you'll get into the beta through its expected to be three days meaning you could potentially gain access on August 28th.

With this announcement came a new Gamescom trailer showing off gameplay on the Open Beta's map, Sinai Desert which holds the Armored Tr…

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PPMCCS PPMCCS 14 July 2016

Quotes Page

I want to asked the the administator of this page about Quote Page because I'm really curious about the quote page because I want to see the battlechatter in each Battlefield series in each factions,each language because the sound of the annoucer is like one of the heart of the Multiplayer FPS game and Battlefield really did good job on making them and they are worth mentioning the name of the officer who support in great arrest please repond your thought on my page's idea

P.S. Sorry to tell this late but Apprentice125, your thread that you reply me is disappear from Wikia page

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