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Bocage, referring to the typical terrain of Normandy, pastoral land with many hedgerows, is the name given to a map for Battlefield 1942. Set in France as part of the Normandy campaign, the map is a battle between US and German forces.


"Now that Allied forces have secured a foothold at the beaches, the battle is moving inland. In the Normandy countryside, the terrain is covered by "bocage", a series of dense hedges that provides the enemy with an intricate defense network. In addition to limiting visibility, these hedgerows offer protection from air strikes and serve as natural barricades. Step by step, the Allies are claiming more occupied territory from Germany. However, losses continue to mount and the effort proceeds slower than expected. While transport ships continue to deliver more men and supplies onto the beaches, an armored division sets forth to take positions further inland. With heavy air support, these soldiers will have to maneuver carefully through the bocage-filled landscape as they attempt to root the enemy out of the landscape."

— Map Briefing


At the start of the map, there are uncapture-able bases for both sides, separated by rivers, fields and three capture-able flags, one on an island and the other two on the bridges to the island from the direction of each base. German forces are equipped with two tanks and two planes while the US forces have two tanks and three planes, including a B-17.


Flag of the United States United States Army
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB



Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Heavy tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

40mm Bofors

Fixed-wing aircraft

P-51 Mustang
B-17 Flying Fortress


M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933 Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)




Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV

Heavy tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flak 38

Fixed-wing aircraft

Bf 109




Allied HQEdit

The US Army uncapturable main base, containing many building like bunkers and field hospitals. This base spawns 2 Sherman tanks, 1 M10 heavy tank, 2 Willys MB Jeeps, an M3A1, two Mustang fighters and several anti-aircraft and machine guns.

2nd Panzer Division HQEdit

The Wehrmacht uncapturable main base, it features several civilian buildings. It spawns 2 Panzer IVs, 1 Tiger tank, 2 Kubelwagens, a Hanomag, 2 Bf 109 fighters and several gun positions.

Bridge (Allied side)Edit

A small bridge over the river, it serves little purpose other than spawning an AA gun, but is essential to prevent ticket bleed.

Bridge (Axis Side)Edit

Another bridge with exactly the same function.The AA gun does sit a little lower, so it may be slightly more effective against ground targets.


A small wooden sawmill on top of a hill. This is where most fighting will occur, as it is the most important capturable flag. It spawns a mobile artillery piece (Wespe for the Axis, Priest for the Allies) and a AA gun. It also has a medical cabnet and a ammo box.


"The fight near the small village of Carentan has been a tremendous victory for the Allies. The Germans used every advantage they could find along the roads and fields, yet nothing could stop the determined Allied forces. Little by little, the Allies are gaining control of Normandy and are poised to advance onward toward Paris."

— American Victory

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