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For the specialization that protects against explosives, see FLAK

A Bulletproof vest in reality

Body armor encompasses any material that can be added to a soldier's uniform that provides extra protection against certain weapons. Though body armor can increase a soldier's durability, the extra weight can limit mobility and increase fatigue.

Battlefield 2Edit

In Battlefield 2, the Assault, Support and Anti-Tank classes carry Body armor. In the game files, these classes are considered "heavy troops", and while it's the level .init files that classify who gets body armor, it's always the aforementioned three.

Body armor gives a smaller multiplier towards the torso area at 0.66 compared to the standard 1.0 against small arms. 39 Material Rounds such as the M2 Browning HMGs on top of the M1A2 Abrams and M95 avoid the multiplier and retain their 0.50 against infantry. This means rounds do less damage to the torso, allowing the user to survive 1-2 extra shots if they don't hit the limbs or head. The downsides are decreased sprint time at 8 seconds vs. 10 seconds for classes without body armor such as the Sniper, a higher sprint recovery time at 20 seconds against light classes' 17 seconds and a larger penalty to stamina when jumping.

For example: a shot from the SVD (45 damage) to the torso of a Support will do 29.7 damage (45 x 0.66 = 29.7), thus making the Sniper require an additional shot to kill him. A headshot, however, will still be an instant kill regardless of whether or not the player has body armor.

In the Battlefield 2: Special Forces expansion, the Engineer is also given body armor.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Battlefield 2142 allows all players the choice to equip heavy body armor, which decreases a soldier's sprint capacity. Using heavy body armor causes the soldier to take less damage to the body and limbs. The player model also reflects the change, adding additional armor to the soldiers' limbs; this allows observant enemies to determine if they need to spend extra effort in assailing the player.

The Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle in particular can kill a soldier in one shot to any part of the body, unless he is wearing heavy armor.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

"Referred to as trauma plates, ceramic body armor is inserted into soft ballistic vests providing added protection against enemy fire and preventing damage from reaching fatal proportions during combat."

— In-game description

Ceramic Body Armor is a specialization featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and is unlocked at rank 14. Increasing health by 25 points, it protects players from what would be a fatal hits from weapons. However, it won't protect players from Knife strikes.

In Hardcore, it is much less effective due to the player's health already being 60 by default, and the fact that weapons remain unchanged in the mode, leading to only a slight increase of 15 health points rather than 25.

Battlefield 4Edit

ARMOR is a specialization in Battlefield 4 and is the first specialization of the Defensive upgrade path. As this is the first specialization available to new players, it is one of the most common specs carried.

Armor reduces any incoming damage taken to the torso area by 10%. Most primary weapon types will require an extra bullet to kill if the body armor absorbs the damage. This also prevents standard sniper rifles from earning close-range kills to the chest. Designated marksman rifles are excluded by their damage models, allowing them to remain consistent.

After the 2014-09-30 patch most of the automatic weapons had a damage nerf making the defensive perk less effective against these guns. Only sniper rifles and the Phantom with broadhead arrow will require one extra shot to the chest to kill an armored player. As of the 2014-01-30 patch, handguns now generally inflict enough damage to not require an extra chest hit.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"The armored insert can typically stop an extra round or two from striking the wearer, giving the wearer time to respond to the threat."

— In-game description

The Armored Insert is a gadget available in Battlefield Hardline for the Mechanic. It functions similarly to the ARMOR specialization in Battlefield 4, allowing to the player to take half as much damage from bullets to the torso. Unlike its predecessor, however, it is equipped as a gadget instead of functioning as a specialization, forcing the user to sacrifice another gadget for the extra armor.

Battlefield 1Edit

World War I-era metal plate armor are worn by special classes in Battlefield 1 to give them extra protection against firearms and grenades. The Cavalry and all Elite kits wear armor. The Sentry receives the greatest damage reduction and coverage, as well as immunity to non-takedown melee attacks. Other elites have more exposed areas, with Cavalry taking standard bonus damage from headshots.


  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, this specialization is not displayed in the Weapons & Gadgets menu that displays all available specializations, but may still be used in the game.
  • In Battlefield 2142, the player models change depending on armor level. EU light-armored soldiers appear European, while heavy-armored soldiers appear African. PAC light-armored solders appear East Asian, and heavy-armored soldiers more Central European. Light-armored soldiers have one shoulder plate, while heavy-armored soldiers have both shoulders plated and carry more leg armor.
  • The Armored Insert in Battlefield Hardline was originally exclusive to the Enforcer class but this was later changed to become available to all classes. Since the game became less vehicle-focused than past installments, the Armored Insert was later made exclusive to the Mechanic class.[1]