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Wang Bohai (Chinese:王博海 ) is a character featured in the Battlefield 4 campaign. After Recker and Irish were captured, Bohai was seen leading their interrogation, using means of both psychological and physical torture to obtain information about Jin Jié's current whereabouts.

Later on during the prison uprising, Bohai, assisted by Hannah and one of his fellow soldiers managed to subdue Recker, Irish and Dima and held them at gunpoint, but Hannah eventually turned her gun on the Chinese soldiers and shot both of them, revealing her true loyalty.



  • Like several other characters of Battlefield 4, his name is only revealed through subtitles.
  • When he ambushes the squad and knocks out Recker, he has a blue marker over his head supposedly indicating him as friendly.
  • He is likely named after a gulf of the Yellow Sea and Korea Bay, the Bohai Sea, also known as the Bo Sea.
  • In the Chinese version of Battlefield 4, He is known as Wang Yihai Instead of Bohai.