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Two soldiers disarming a booby trap.

A Booby Trap is a device or setup that is intended to kill, harm or surprise a person, unknowingly triggered by the presence or actions of the victim. They often have some form of bait designed to lure the victim towards it but can escentially be placed anywhere. Lethal booby traps are often used in warfare, particularly in guerrilla warfare.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

The Booby Trap (called Wirecutters in the files) is a gadget issued to the N.V.A. Engineer kit. It normally appears as a pair of wire cutters but will instead appear as TNT when attached to a vehicle. This TNT trap will trigger immediately upon entry of the vehicle, instantly killing the player, whether they be an enemy or a teammate.


Battlefield Hardline[]

"Sabotage bomb that can be used to trap vehicles, objectives, and interaction points. Detonates when used by an unsuspecting enemy - look for the blinking light! Can be disarmed by Repair Tool or shot or exploded."

— In-Game Description

Sabotage a featured gadget in Battlefield Hardline. It can be planted on vehicles, interaction points such as doors, switches, Battle Pickups, first aid boxes and Defibrillator kits on walls, and ammo lockers. Objectives such as money bags or cache may also be sabotaged. The gadget will detonate when an enemy interacts with any of these objects. It is worth noting that for Sabotage to detonate in vehicles, enemies must drive the vehicle forward in order to trigger it. Simply sitting in the vehicle without moving will not detonate it. Sabotage can be purchased for $30,000.

Sabotage can be placed on anything on the battlefield that the player interacts with, with the notable exception of the drills on Squad Heist.

Sabotage can largely be identified by a blinking red light under vehicles or on walls. It can only be disarmed by a Repair Tool, exploding it with a grenade or by shooting it with a weapon. Be cautious when detonating with a weapon or grenade, as it will create a large explosion capable of killing the player. The explosion, however, will not count as a kill but will instead be listed as a suicide with the weapon that was used to detonate the Sabotage.

Sabotage appears twice in the single-player campaign (the sabotaged vault door in Independence Day, and Henry Kang's sabotaged car in Out of Business), but in both cases is used by the enemy, and cannot be used or disarmed by the player.



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