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Alternate Fire[]

Tactics and Playstyles[]

Normal mode:

File:Anti-Air Gun Crossair.png This weapon has identical or major analogic behaviour to Tommy's Typewriter. Tactics, guides, playstyles and tips can be found over there and apply 1:1 here. To avoid redundant text and the need of updating each seperate page in case of changes, the current article won't include tactics and such.

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Alternate mode:

Although it's a bit lacking of damage it seems to be balanced in general.

The Damage

The major difference to normal SMGs is its less crit chance of 2.5% in comparison to the super and ubers with 4.5%, but it's the same as the Standard Weapons.

It seems more accurate at all ranges.

The Alt fire Beam

This is most likely the main reason to get this gun. The charge mode is fun, looks awesome and is very useful if done right.

It's very hard to hit a target because the charge-up is painfuly slow. Your overall chances to land some damage are way lower than using the uncharged mode with its bullet spray.

If you managed to land a charged shot it isn't going to do a lot of damage: 5-17 (30 on crit). In return for the shared ammo, at least the alt fire beam should deal more damge. It's most useful at Mid range, where it can deal around 21-27 damage.

The blast shot includes a small explosion that leads to a blast that knocks the enemy into the air with a certain force similar to a Rocket Launcher. The actual force is very minor and is almost useless. It should be noted that its projectile has the same trajectory as normal Rocket launchers, but is faster.

Bottom line

Using the alt-fire beam in close range is useless because you can deal more damage with the the normal firing mode. The beams usablity at long range is limited by its bad accuracy.

The only advantage with the Beam is that, unlike granades and RPGs, it can't be eaten by I Eats Grenades (Gunner Ability) because its material is not listed as explosive.

The alternate fire does not make up for the lack of crits and bullet consuption and some players think it needs some an upgrade to be worthy to being used on a daily basis, especially with such a high price.

Finally, a bug leads the weapon to a glitch if you press you alt-fire key more than once.

It's alternate fire is available in workbench as Push Beam silver modification.

Model and Sound[]

  • Bender is one of the main characters of Futurama, an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening. In season 3 episode 3 a robot santa wields an SMG that looks very similar to the Brass-Bender's Chopper.
  • It's also based on Super SMG's
For the real life reference, see Charlie's Chopper.