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"We want you to do what you do best. Be unorthodox. Be lethal. Can you do that for me?"

General Braidwood

Bravo Two, originally designated Bravo One Charlie, is the call sign for a four-man squad led by Sergeant Samuel Redford during the First and Second Russo-American Wars.

Originally a unit within the 222nd Army Battalion's Bravo Company advised by Mike-One-Juliet and Archangel, the squad was later transferred to the command of General Braidwood of the CIA's Special Activities Division during the events of the second war.

The squad was originally comprised of Redford, Terrence Sweetwater, George Gordon Haggard Jr., and Bobby Sanford, but was later joined by Preston Marlowe after Sanford was killed in action.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Oh, sir! Uh, we're a group of highly... uh, embedded, uh..."

— Sweetwater, attempting to describe the squad

Bravo One Charlie was a four-man fireteam in the 222nd Army Battalion's Bravo Company during the First Russo-American conflict. Nicknamed "Bad Company", B-Company was where the United States Army had all its insubordinates, hell-raisers and troublemakers that wouldn't fit in any other unit raked together. Actively used as expendable assets placed at the front lines, B-Company had the highest mortality rate in the entire United States Army, and transfer to the company was usually used as an alternative punishment for soldiers.

Bravo One was known for being an incredibly unorthodox, insubordinate, but surprisingly effective squad during the Russian conflicts. The squad was responsible for defeating the Legionnaire Mercenaries, apprehending Rico Escopar, destroying a Russian Scalar Weapon, and killing Arkady Kirilenko. Meanwhile, Bravo One purposely invaded the officially neutral country of Serdaristan, went AWOL pursuing the Legionnaire's gold while in Serdaristan, later stole said gold from the US Army after it was secured, and would again go AWOL to track down Colonel Kirilenko without official backing.

Despite their perchance for disobeying orders and going off mission, the unit's talent in combat and easy deniability resulted in them receiving several high-risk missions during the Russian wars, and as of the second conflict their activities resulted in the "Bad Company" moniker coming to refer to Bravo Two directly. After transfer to Special Activities, the squad was also embedded into several other units while on mission, including Task Force Kodiak and a unit of Marines while in Argentina.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Bravo One Charlie has consisted of four soldiers since its conception in the 222nd; any soldier lost was quickly replaced by the new fodder constantly joining Bravo Company. The only known member of the unit to have been killed while part of the squad is Bobby Sanford, but Sweetwater and Haggard imply that several other "New Guys" had been killed in action during conversations in Battlefield: Bad Company. The squad has had no direct casualties since the addition of Marlowe, although supporting personnel such as Flynn have been killed in action assisting the team.

Official[edit | edit source]

Supporting[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Bad Company[edit | edit source]

"The guys I've got in my squad now, Haggard, Sweetwater? Hell, I wouldn't trust them with my car keys. Sometimes I think they're more likely to kill each other than getting killed by the enemy."

— Redford[1]

Sweetwater and Haggard play Rock, Paper, Scissors as Redford receives orders

Bravo One Charlie was formed after Sergeant Samuel Redford agreed to transfer to B-Company, despite their mortality rate, in exchange for a shorter tour and faster retirement. Two Privates are put into Redford's new squad: George Gordon Haggard Jr., an explosives obsessed demolition expert, and Terrance Sweetwater, an overly-cautious IT specialist demoted to automatic rifleman. The squad also has a fourth position that was constantly being replaced, as every soldier placed into it would end up dying, either on the battlefield or in freak accidents. Bobby Sanford was the most recent soldier in this role before the events of Bad Company, and was described by Redford as being a model soldier, albeit one that tended to not fully think his actions through.[2]

The unit was active in central Europe for a few weeks, during which the squad went on what was intended to be a stealth mission at an enemy factory. Haggard, however, ended up going off mission by rigging the entire factory with C4 and detonating it before the squad had cleared out, almost getting Sweetwater crushed by a collapsing smokestack.[3] Following this, the entirety of B-Company was informed that they would taking up positions on the eastern front in the coming weeks as the rest of Army began to pull its more valuable forces out of eastern Europe.[4]

Just before the squad was to be given their new orders and moved to the front, Bobby Sanford was killed in action after being run over by a tank he was urinating in front of. This was particularly distressing to Haggard, who had been intending to "inherit" Sanford's '58 Impala Convertible, but Sanford had not told his wife about their agreement before he died.[5] Meanwhile, Preston Marlowe, a Private stationed in Lodz, Poland, accidentally landed a UH-60 Black Hawk (which he was unauthorized to fly in the first place) on the local General's Limo. Instead of incarcerating him, Marlowe is instead transferred to B-Company as punishment.[6] With a replacement already on its way in the form of Marlowe, Bravo One Charlie is sent to the front with the rest of B-Company.

Battlefield: Bad Company[edit | edit source]

Meeting Marlowe[edit | edit source]

"A new guy kinda smell, like a brand new toy!"

— Haggard

Main article: Welcome to Bad Company

Bravo-One-Charlie meets their new member, Marlowe

The squad meets Marlowe shortly after they arrive in the eastern front. Upon meeting them, Marlowe is somewhat taken aback by the squad's unprofessional demeanor (Redford instructs Marlowe to stop calling him sir, while Haggard's first comment to Marlowe is that he "smells very clean") but does his best to be undeterred with his new assignment.

The squad is then assigned to scout ahead of a supplies convoy and ride in a M939 Truck to their destination. Three days from his retirement, Redford tells Marlowe to get to know Haggard and Sweetwater since he'll be gone soon, and the squad begins introductions. However, en route to the squad's objective and before Haggard and Sweetwater even learn Marlowe's name, the convoy is hit by Russian artillery and their truck is destroyed. Marlowe is briefly knocked unconscious from the attack, prompting Haggard to assume he's already dead, but he quickly gets back up after prompting from Redford. While reorienting himself after the attack, Sweetwater notices Marlowe has lost the new guy smell Haggard noticed earlier, and officially welcomes him to "Bad Company".

Mike-One-Juliet, the squad's dispatcher, then sends the team to clear a nearby Russian artillery position. After they succeed in this, Juliet requests that one of the guns be used to attack a unit of Russians attacking Juneau Convoy, the replacement for the squad's original convoy. Ordinarily a job Haggard would take, he instead suggests that the "new guy" do it, as Haggard does not want to get yelled at if he misses and hits the convoy on accident. Marlowe complies and successfully clears out the enemy forces attacking the convoy, much to the surprise of the rest of the squad.

Bravo One is then ordered to clear the path ahead for Juneau Convoy, as the initial route was destroyed in the first artillery strike. The squad secures a river crossing and a nearby farm, engaging and destroying two Russian BMD-3s along the way. At this point the squad was to be extracted from the area by Super Six Five, but the chopper is instead destroyed on approach by a nearby enemy anti-air battery. Unable to extract them just yet, Mike-One-Juliet instructs the squad to destroy the battery.

After destroying the anti-air guns and engaging more Russians in a nearby farm, the squad joins up with Juneau Convoy as they head to their objective. However, the convoy is once again attacked by artillery, and Bravo One splits off of the convoy to destroy nearby radar jammers so an airstrike can destroy the enemy guns. Following the airstrike, Mike-One-Juliet instructs the squad to clear out any remaining enemy forces at the site. The squad succeeds in doing so, and Sweetwater discovers that the soldiers at the site were in fact Legionnaire Mercenaries and not Russians.

"Slap me hard and call me El Dorado!"

After Sweetwater discusses how the mercenaries are supposedly paid in gold bars, Haggard decides to search one of the fallen mercenaries "for a pulse in [its] pockets" and indeed manages to find a small gold nugget. Haggard and Sweetwater briefly fight over the gold before Redford takes it from the two, deciding the gold belonged to the army, much to the disappointment of Haggard and Sweetwater. The squad is then finally extracted from the area.

Zabograd[edit | edit source]

"One more day of this shit and the only thing I'm going to be fighting are Blue Marlin."


Main article: Acta Non Verba (Singleplayer)

"Shut your trap, Sweetwater!"

A short time after, the squad decides that since the gold nugget was "so small" and that Uncle Sam was "so busy with the war and all," they would just "hold on to [the gold] for him" and split it four ways amongst themselves. Haggard is somewhat disappointed with this arrangement, as he had been planning to build his dream vehicle, a monster truck named The Truckasaurus Rex, with the gold but now won't have enough to do so with his share. Sweetwater teases him about this, telling that while we he can't buy a whole truck, he could always "buy the hubcaps and start from there!"

Two days later, the team is sent into the Russian port town of Zabograd, an important supplies hub 20 kilometers behind enemy lines. Bravo-One-Charlie is tasked with disrupting Russian supply lines in preparation for an attack on the town by the 32nd Armored Division. Ordinarily a job that would be sourced to a Special Forces unit, the Army has decided that such a unit would be too expensive to waste on this assignment, and opts for Bravo-One instead. One day from completing his agreed service in Bad Company and being able to retire early, Redford is determined to see that the mission goes well.

Upon landing near Zabograd, the squad is surprised to find an abandoned supply dump belong to the Legionnaire Mercenaries, and discover a crate containing yet another golden bar. From this point on, the squad decides to keep their eye out for more crates, once again intending to "watch over" the gold for the Army. Returning to the mission, Mike-One-Juliet directs the squad to destroy a trio of Russian SAM launchers and a fuel dump to prepare the way for the inbound 32nd Armored. The squad succeeds in this, but then encounters a Russian advance team defending a bridge to Zabograd. With Mike-One-Juliet unable to provide air support, Marlowe ends up commandeering a Russian mortar guidance system and manages to direct the mortars to attack the Russians on the bridge, finally clearing the way into the town.

Juliet has the squad regroup just outside Zabograd as the armored attack begins. Haggard wants to enter the town first to look for more gold, but Redford states that that is not why they were here. Mike-One-Juliet then informs the squad that Object Offside is active, meaning the tanks have run into more resistance than expected and will be needing assistance. Bravo-One-Charlie moves into the town and clears out several 9M133 Kornet launchers and a BMD-3 to soften up their defenses, and then links up with the 32nd Armored as they arrive at the beachhead. With their main objectives done, Redford requests that they be extracted from the area only to informed that the Army is now committing all resources in the area to take the town, including Bravo-One. In exchange, Mike-One-Juliet promises to try and get all of Bravo-One-Charlie, not just Redford, out of Bad Company if the mission is successful.

The 32nd Armored Division arrives in Zabograd

The team helps escort the 32nd Armored into the town, destroying more BMDs and Russian infantry along the way. The squad then attempts to disable the communications at the Russian command post in the town before they can call for reinforcements, but are unable to reach it in time. As more Russian arrive, Bravo-One is then tasked with defending one of the 32nd's tanks that had been downed in the town square until the Army's Engineers could get it out. The squad successfully repels the counterattack, and Mike-One-Juliet directs the team to make a final push on the harbor.

As the squad arrives at the harbor, they discover that the Russians are in full retreat, with multiple boats and helicopters fleeing the harbor. Sweetwater is relieved that the battle is over and that he may be transferred out of Bad Company now, but Haggard spots more Legionnaire Mercenaries near some trucks at the harbor. He suggests that they should go "ask them some questions, maybe search them", wanting to go after more gold. Redford decides that since their objective is to secure the harbor, they should go engage the mercenaries, also wanting to find more gold. Sweetwater is outraged, not want to risk being stuck in Bad Company, but Redford insists it "will only take a minute."

A Gold Bar falls from one of the mercenary trucks

The team defeats several of the mercenaries at the harbor, and Haggard attempts to search their bodies for more gold but comes up empty. The group almost decides to head back to the rest of the US forces when Marlowe notices that the mercenary trucks are leaving in a hurry. Suddenly, a gold bar drops off of one of the trucks as it speeds away, and the squad comes up with an idea to tail the trucks and capture the gold.

Chasing the Gold[edit | edit source]

Main article: Crossing Over (Singleplayer)
""And that would be trying to steal a truck full of gold from the world's deadliest mercenaries?"
"Hey, it beats flipping burgers for a living!""

Sweetwater and Haggard

Haggard invades Serdaristan

The squad commanders an HMMWV and follows the trucks to Serdaristan border, where they cross over into the country. Officially a neutral country in the war, Redford decides they can't follow them anymore and need to turn back. However, Haggard disregards this, and rushes the border checkpoint firing his shotgun and shouting "There's gold in them thar hills!" Thus, in Marlowe's words, Haggard manages to singlehandedly invade a neutral country in his pursuit of the gold. Unwilling to let one of his men potentially get himself killed, Redford and the squad follow suit to try and get Haggard back.

The squad successfully manages to clear out the defenses of the checkpoint, including several KORD emplacements and a T-90 tank. Catching up to Haggard, Redford tells him to give him one good reason to not send him to jail for this, to which Haggard replies that the Sergeant won't because "[Redford] loves him, platonically of course." Mike-One-Juliet, noticing that the squad is not only in neutral territory but have also engaged the forces on the border, contacts the squad and demands an explanation. Redford offers the excuse that they were reacting to a threat, but Juliet does not buy it, stating that the squad is now facing court martial and have lost any chance of getting out of B-Company. With his fishing plans ruined and now potentially facing jail time, Redford decides that he'll be going after the gold. Haggard and Marlowe excitedly join him, as does Sweetwater after some coaxing, leaving the entirety of Bravo-One-Charlie now AWOL from the Army.

Redford notices that several radio antennas are set up over the countryside, and that the Serdari military, as well as the US Army, are probably tracking the squad through them. Working their way down the countryside in search of the trucks, the squad takes out the radio towers to get their pursuers off their tail, although Sweetwater points out they are leaving quite the trail of destruction in their wake anyway. The group encounters heavy resistance from the Serdaris along the way, who appear to be in league with the mercenaries like the Russians, engaging more tanks and an Mi-28 Havoc.

The squad eventually catches sight of the mercenary convoy again, and realising they're heading for the harbor. Commandeering a T-90 of their own, the squad breaks through more Serdari defenses which are set up around the harbor. The squad figures that they must be close to something important to run into so much resistance, which is proven to be correct upon reaching the port. Legionnaire Mercenaries are swarming all over the harbor, busy loading gold onto the Legionnaire's cargo ship.

The Army catches up with the squad

Bravo-One defeats most of the mercenaries in the harbor, clearing a path to the cargo ship. As they make their way to the ship, however, they are ordered to drop their weapons and surrender or be taken by force as a small convoy of US Army HMMWVs arrive. Haggard taunts the convoy, shouting "Oh yeah? You and what army?", much to the confusion of Sweetwater. Redford then tells Haggard to shut up and look around as the convoy's "army" arrives: a trio of AH-64 Apaches. Left with little option, the squad surrenders and is taken into the Army's custody.

Serdaristan[edit | edit source]

Main article: Par for the Course (Singleplayer)
"Man, driving tanks on a golf course! You put that in the Army brochure, enlistment would skyrocket!"

— Haggard

Back in Serdaristan

Officially, the country of Serdaristan was neutral in the Russo-American conflict, although American intelligence was suspicious that the country had begun colluding with the Russians and were desperate to take a closer look into the country. With Bravo One still technically AWOL, the Army suddenly had a skilled unit with easy deniability available that they could send into the country. Thus, Bravo One Charlie, with unofficial US backing, is deployed back into Serdaristan to locate and bring back President Zavimir Serdar for questioning.

Although initially puzzled with the Army's sudden change in attitude to the squad, they accept the mission as their alternative is still lengthy prison sentences. In exchange, the Army will consider ignoring the squad's transgressions if the mission is successful, meaning that they may still have a chance to get out of B-Company. Bravo One Charlie is inserted into the country via a UH-60 Black Hawk that is officially on a "Search and Rescue" flight, and therefore allowed to fly in the country's airspace. Mike-One Juliet is once again given direction of the squad and, once Bravo One agrees to follow her instruction again, does her best to assist the squad in their mission.

Unfortunately, the mission takes a turn for the worse almost immediately, as the squad's helicopter is shot down by Serdari SAMs shortly after dropping the squad off. This means that Serdaristan is definitively no longer neutral in the war, essentially making the squad's mission moot. Since the helicopter was also going to be Bravo One's extraction bird, however, Mike-One Juliet cannot pull the team out, and instead directs them to continue the assignment while she works on finding another way out.

The squad's T-90 on Serdar's golf course

Bravo One Charlie work their way toward the Presidential Palace, mostly having to pass through one of Serdar's large personal golf courses. Miss July directs them to eliminate the SAM launchers so she can provide air support via a Laser Designator she has airdropped for the squad to use. Marlowe takes the Designator and uses it to take out several of the Serdari T-90s and BMDs stationed around the golf course. The squad eventually manages to acquire a tank of their own to cover more ground, much to the delight of Haggard.

The squad then reach the bridge to the palace, which the Serdari forces guarding it promptly destroy with explosive charges. The team is forced to abandon their tank and work their way across the bridge by the remaining metal walkway, which manages to trigger Sweetwater's fear of heights. After crossing the bridge and clearing out the remaining Serdaris, the squad hear President Serdar speaking over loudspeaker in Serdish. Sweetwater manages to translate that the President is asking for help and is currently stuck inside his saferoom. Redford decides that they'll be the ones to get him out, and they head up to the palace.

The squad finds Serdar in his saferoom

Surprisingly, the palace is not guarded by Serdari forces but more Legionnaire Mercenaries. The squad manages to defeat the mercs defending the area and make their way into the palace. Locating the saferoom, the squad finds Serdar insides practicing his golf swing, breaking several items in the room. Although only initially speaking Serdish, Serdar eventually starts speaking English and laughs at the "four puny military" there to take him in. Ignoring him, Redford calls Mike One Juliet and informs her that they have Serdar, only to be told that the squad is being cut off and the Army is denying involvement, against Juliet's insistence. Without means of extraction, the squad tries to figure out how to escape with both the Serdaris and Mercenaries closing in.

Serdar then says that he has a means of escape, as long as the squad helps him leave the country as well. Marlowe questions why he would want to leave his own country, and Serdar reveals that he was supplying The Legionnaire with gold but was recently unable to meet his demands. As a result, The Legionnaire took over the country and its military, and has been holding Serdar in his palace in the meantime. The squad agrees, and Serdar presents his means of escape: his personal gold-plated Mi-24 Hind. Marlowe takes the controls while Haggard mans the turret, and the group flies away from the palace.

Escape and Capture[edit | edit source]

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"So, there we were. Crammed in a pimped out Russian Hind with a megalomaniac and a rack full of bad CDs. Left to die by our superiors and with the world's deadliest army using us for target practice. It wasn't the first time I'd flown a chopper, but the circumstances were sorta special."

— Marlowe

Serdar's Hind leaves the palace

Flying away from the palace, the squad enters a valley to avoid anti-aircraft fire from Serdaristan's "Patriotic Military Defense", who are guarding the airspace with more SAMs. Unfortunately, Serdar informs the squad that most of the Serdari military is stationed in the valley, and that they will all die trying to fight them. Redford disagrees, and decides they'll hit their weak spots to throw the military into disarray so they can make their escape. Marlowe first destroys the fuel depots set up in the valley, and then blows up the barracks of the nearby garrison. Shortly after, Marlowe lands the Hind to take out Serdaristan's communication hub on foot with Haggard; doing so cuts off internet access to the whole of Serdaristan, prompting Serdar to claim that his love life is over with his loss of online dating.

Further downstream, Marlowe and Haggard engage and destroy several BMD-3 Bakhcha AAs, which had been provided to the country by the Legionnaire. Wiping out the main supply line for the valley, the squad continue downstream until the Hind begins sounding a warning siren due to it running out of fuel. Serdar, although initially panicked, remembers that a fuel deposit is not very far from the where the squad is but is still stationed with troops. Landing at the depot, Redford and Sweetwater protect the chopper and Serdar while Marlowe and Haggard search for a fuel truck.

The duo manages to find an intact fuel truck, and gets it back to the helipad. Unfortunately, Haggard places the fuel in the Hind's cooling unit instead of the gas tank, causing to it to suffer a minor explosion. As Haggard blames his mistake on not being able to "read gobbledy gook", more Serdari troops arrive and Sweetwater attempts to repair the Hind as the rest of the squad holds off the attack. The squad manages to quickly kill all of the attackers, however, prompting Redford to question Serdar why his military is so inept. Serdar confirms that the Serdaristan Army is very poorly trained and cowardly, but he has attempted to offset this by buying expensive military equipment from the Russians. As he states this, several T-90s and BMD-3s then arrive at the depot, heading for the helipad. Sweetwater barely manages to get the Hind operational again as they arrive, and the squad leaves the depot before the tanks can attack them.

Marlowe contacts Mike-One-Juliet

Crossing the border into Russia, Redford decides this is where Serdar will get off so the squad can go after the gold. Serdar overhears their conversation about the gold, however, and informs them that he knows where it's being kept, and will tell them if he is not forced to leave. Before Redford can make a decision, however, the Legionnaire's Ka-52 appears and shoots down the Hind. Crashing near a Russian outpost at the Caspian Sea, Marlowe is knocked away from the wreckage and blacks out, while Serdar and the rest of squad are taken prisoner by the Russians and The Legionnaire. Waking up later that night and realising what happened, Marlowe desperately contacts Mike-One-Juliet for help getting the squad back. Although the US Army has declared Bravo One Charlie AWOL and considers them dead, Miss July is unwilling to "give up on her boys", and agrees to help Marlowe in secret by providing him information on the Russians in the area.

Juliet informs Marlowe that a communications hub is not far from the outpost, and tells him to get there and see if he can gather any information. Stealing a Vodnik and arriving at the hub, Marlowe witnesses The Legionnaire interrogating Serdar about the gold he owes him on CCTV camera. Before The Legionnaire notices and shoots the camera, Serdar reveals that the squad is being held in the monastery at the top of a nearby mountain and are awaiting execution. Juliet confirms this, stating there is a lot of activity at the monastery, so Marlowe acquires another vehicle and fights his way up the mountain. Upon arriving at the monastery, however, Marlowe discovers that the squad wasn't in need of rescuing, catching them in the middle of staging their own escape.

Bravo One Charlie while in Serdaristan

With the squad back together, Redford decides they still need to go after Sedar so they can find the gold. Juliet informs the squad that there's more activity at the mouth of the nearby river, suggesting Serdar is probably there under guard. Making their way down the mountain, the squad acquires a BMD-3 and makes their way to the river's harbor, engaging more Russian armor and infantry along the way. Arriving near the harbor, the squad sneaks up to it on foot and find Serdar being held by The Legionnaire and a trio of mercenaries. The Legionnaire clears Serdar of his debt of gold, opting to take his country as a reparation instead, and instructs his mercenaries to kill Serdar before leaving in his Ka-52. As Sedar cowardly begs for his life to the mercenaries after claiming he would not, Bravo One Charlie kill the mercs and rescue Serdar. Taking a Mark V Patrol Boat, the squad and the ex-president leave Russia and head for the gold.

Sadiz[edit | edit source]

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"Wars are fought for any number of reasons. Sometimes, if the ones they give you aren't good enough, you have to find your own. And maybe, if you're lucky, you get out in one piece. But in the end, I guess it's really about the guys next you."

— Marlowe

Serdar informs the squad that The Legionnaire keeps his gold on his private tanker, which is currently in Sadiz as the Mercenaries are aiding the Middle Eastern Coalition against the US Army in the Battle of Sadiz. The squad decides to head there, and drops Sedar off on a small island in the Caspian Sea to live out his exile as he wishes. Mike One Juliet also manages to contact the squad again, who finally tell her about their search for the gold. Juliet says she'll do what she can to assist them again, as long as they promise not to forget about her if they do end up finding the Legionnaire's gold.

The squad finds the tanker as The Legionnaire arrives in Sadiz

The squad lands opposite of the Sadiz harbor, where the mercenary tanker is docked. Deciding that they can't directly attack the harbor from the sea, the squad steal a MEC Black Eagle tank and start on the long way around to Sadiz. Unfortunately, this puts them directly in the middle of the MEC and US' engagement, currently a long range tank battle. The squad overhears a US Army transmission, which is requesting assistance against the MEC's Black Eagle and 2T Stalker tanks attacking them. Despite no longer being involved with the war, Redford decides that the American forces under fire are still "their guys", and the squad moves up and takes out several of the MEC's tanks with their Black Eagle. They eventually clear out enough for the Army to fire back on the MEC with artillery, one barrage of which ends up destroying the squad's tank, which was mistakenly identified as hostile.

After regrouping from the artillery assault, Mike One Juliet contacts the squad to inform them that the US Army is now starting their counter offensive into Sadiz and will be reaching their position very soon. Redford figures that if the Army catches up to them, they'll be unable to get to the gold first, and need to find a way to stall them. Haggard suggests blowing up the bridges into the town, which Sweetwater states would probably qualify for treason, although Haggard says it would only "slow down" the US advance, not stop them completely. Redford agrees with Haggard, and they destroy the bridges to Sadiz with C4 charges.

With the bridges down and the US advance momentarily halted, Bravo One Charlie must now deal with the Mercenaries currently occupying the town. Deciding that there are too many to get past, Redford sends Haggard and Marlowe to cause a distraction so they can make it to the harbor. Using a Laser Designator airdropped by Mike One Juliet, the duo calls in an airstrike on a massive fuel depot on the other end of town. The resulting explosion draws much of the Mercenary forces away from the harbor, allowing Redford and Sweetwater to sneak into the docks as Haggard and Marlowe fight through the mercenaries responding to the explosion.

The Legionnaire's Gold

Making it past most of the mercenaires, Haggard and Marlowe arrive at a construction site as Juliet contacts them, telling the two that a massive artillery barrage is about to hit their end of the city. Managing to find a CAV, Haggard drives through the bombardment while Marlowe takes out any Mercs following them with the vehicle's weapons, and the duo reunite with Redford and Sweetwater at a dockside warehouse. Inside, the squad discovers that the stories of the Legionnaire's gold are indeed true, finding a massive stockpile of gold inside the warehouse.

Their joyous moment is short lived, however, as The Legionnaire's Ka-52 arrives once again and attacks the squad. Seeing a VADS anti-aircraft gun set up at the end of the pier, the squad fight through more mercenaries to get to the gun. The Legionnaire bombs the gun as they arrive, though, and prepares to finish off the squad. Left with no other option, Marlowe finds a nearby M2 Carl Gustav and takes out the Ka-52 with the recoilless rifle instead. Having taken out The Legionnaire, the squad fully accepts Marlowe into the squad, with Sweetwater commenting that he's "finally starting to pull his weight in this squad!"

Marlowe destroys The Legionnaire's Ka-52

As they try to figure out a way to get the gold out of Sadiz, the squad returns to the warehouse to find that the Army had arrived there while they were fighting The Legionnaire and are loading the gold onto an M939 Truck. Distraught that they'll never be able to get the gold now and not wanting to be caught by Army again, the squad begins to leave when they are noticed by the commanding officer of Army unit. Not realizing the squad is actually AWOL, he instructs them to take the truck with the gold, which the Army has deemed "scrap metal", and follow the convoy. The squad enthusiastically agrees to this order.

The Army convoy soon leaves Sadiz, with Bravo One Charlie bringing up the rear. The squad then takes a turn on a sideroad, abandoning the convoy, as well as the war, to go spend their truck-load of gold.

After the War[edit | edit source]

The squad escaping with the gold

Neither Bad Company game nor any supplemental materials entirely confirm what Bravo One Charlie did after escaping with the gold and how they ended up back in the US Army by the events of Bad Company 2.

A very early draft for Bad Company 2 released by David Goldfarb, the game's writer and lead designer, has the squad spending their gold on beachside homes and, in Haggard's case, oversized golden jewelry. The group is eventually tracked down by Army Military Police, however, and are detained. The squad is then stationed at a checkpoint somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains as punishment.[7] As the draft was created in 2008 and differs significantly from the opening of the final game, these events are likely non-canon in the Bad Company timeline.

Whatever the case, the group is reinstated into the US Army at some point before or during the outbreak of the Second Russo-American War, and are redesignated as Bravo Two. As Mike One Juliet no longer advises the squad, they appear to no longer be attached to the 222nd Army Battalion. Despite this, Bravo Two ends up being used in much the same capacity as before, continuing to be sent on suicide missions in lieu of sending "expensive" special forces units.[8] By the time of their mission in Chukotka, Russia, the squad's reputation and continued operations resulted in the Army's Bad Company moniker coming to refer to their unit specifically.[9]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[edit | edit source]

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Chukotka[edit | edit source]

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"We were here in Russian territory to back up a US counter-intelligence operation. A simple support mission they said... Nothing's ever really that simple though, is it?"

— Marlowe

As the new conflict with Russia rages, Bravo Two is sent to act as overwatch for an NSA counterintelligence operation being conducted near the Bering Strait in Chukotka, Russia. Despite being in a high risk area on enemy soil, the squad is assured the mission will be a simple one. Once again, Redford has been promised an early retirement upon completion of the squad's mission, and is again determined to see that all goes smoothly.

Bravo Two on overwatch detail in Chukotka.

Given the barest minimum of the details surrounding the operation, the squad's objective is to protect and retrieve an NSA agent and his vehicle from the town following a meeting with a Russian contact. Unfortunately, intelligence regarding the town is outdated, and the squad find that it has become heavily fortified by Russian forces. Haggard leads the squad through a minefield surrounding the town, and narrowly avoids stepping on a mine himself when Redford stops him at the last second, insisting that no one dies on his last mission. After neutralizing a Russian patrol, the squad moves to an overwatch position near the area where the meet is to take place.

Instead of the meeting going as planned, the squad arrive to see the agent being dragged out of his vehicle by Russian soldiers being led by Colonel Arkady Kirilenko, who is unknown to the squad. Unable to confirm Kirilenko's identity from their position, Redford requests an immediate kill-order on the unidentified Kirilenko from Archangel. Archangel is unable to confirm the kill order in time, however, and the NSA agent is killed by Kirilenko as Bravo Two watches helplessly from afar. Kirilenko leaves on an Mi-24 Hind while the soldiers confiscate the truck and drive it into the town.

Kirilenko shortly before executing the NSA agent.

Marlowe, who had a clear shot on Kirilenko, is furious that they let the man go, prompting Redford to tell him to "simmer the fuck down" while he attempts to determine their next course of action. With the asset down, Archangel instructs the squad to recover his vehicle from the Russians, confirming that the town has officially been declared hostile and that the squad is now weapons-free.

Fighting their way into the town, Bravo-Two engage and kill multiple Russian soldiers as the town goes on alert. A T-90 tank arrives as backup for the Russian forces, prompting Bravo-Two to request close air support and laze the MBT. Two F/A-18C Hornets eliminate the tank for the squad with an airstrike, much to Haggard's pleasure. Eventually the squad manages to secure the truck and begin driving away to the extraction point outside of the town.

The Russians are unwilling to lose the truck, however, and send multiple ATVs and Vodniks in pursuit of Bravo-Two. Preston defends the squad from the truck bed, eliminating their pursuers as they take the vehicle offroad. After a brief engine failure and a close call with two intercepting Vodniks, the squad continues along the hillside as an Mi-28 Havoc joins in the pursuit of the vehicle. It follows them into a narrow tunnel, allowing Marlowe to shoot down the helicopter with his grenade launcher, subsequently causing an explosion that knocks over the truck. The squad pulls themselves out of the crash and discover what the Russians were after in the truck: a small container with what appears to be a super weapon component.

"Now this is interesting."

Extracted back to Alaska, the squad meets with General Braidwood, who informs them the component they found was a fake and that he needs information on the real weapon from an NSA agent named Aguire. With no other units to spare, he recruits Bravo-Two into the Special Activities Division with the promise of allowing the entirety of the squad to leave the military once they find Aguire. Sweetwater is overjoyed at being in a special operations unit and the prospect of finally returning home, while Redford realizes that his retirement has once again been postponed.

After Aguire[edit | edit source]

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"Fucking Tuesdays, man. I never get my shit together on a Tuesday."


The squad meets Flynn

Braidwood gives the squad a USB stick with the collected intel from Chukotka and dispatches the squad to a village along the Bení River in Bolivia, Aguire's last known location. Bravo Two is also assigned their own personal SAD pilot, Flynn, to assist them during their mission. Flynn is an easy-going hippie and an expert UH-60 pilot. After coming under RPG fire from Latin American Militia units en route to the LZ, Flynn manages to dodge the missile with little effort despite being preoccupied with finding his lost cigarettes, commenting that he'd only have issue avoiding something like a Javelin missile. Both terrified and relieved by Flynn's skillset and nonchalant demeanor, Redford tells Flynn to just get the squad to the landing zone in one piece.

Unable to land at the LZ due to the surrounding jungle, Bravo Two rappel down and find the village ravaged by a major firefight, with Aguire nowhere to be found. Locating Aguire's house, Redford finds a clue left behind in a map and determines that Aguire is still alive but somewhere further upriver. The squad sets out and follows the trail, engaging multiple militia squads along the way. Sweetwater figures that the militia must be on someone's payroll to be out in so much force, but is unsure who exactly would be assisting them.

Locating Aguire

After fighting through a logging camp being used as a supply base by the LAM, the squad spot Aguire being held hostage by the militia and a Russian officer, revealing that the militia is now working for the Russians. After Aguire is escorted away from the outpost, Redford and Sweetwater sneak into the outpost to find out where Aguire is being taken to while Marlowe and Haggard cover them from a sniping position, using the thunderstorm in the area to conceal the noise of gunfire. After clearing the outpost and figuring out Aguire's destination, the squad continues through the jungle, avoiding numerous trip-wire traps and engaging more militia units along the way.

Bravo Two eventually manage to catch up to Aguire's escort detail at an old plantation manor within the jungle. The LAM was intending to hand off Aguire to the Russians here, and as a result the squad encounters Russian infantry as well as a BMD-3 at the manor. Defeating the IFV, Marlowe manages to save Aguire from being loaded onto a Russian Hind by killing the soldiers holding him hostage. Aguire then proceeds to save the Sweetwater from a Russian soldier sneaking up on the squad, and determines that they're "even" for rescuing him.

Redford gives Aguire the USB stick, who looks through the files on a laptop and is unsurprised by the existence of the dummy weapon. Aguire is mostly angry with command, as he had already told them the real weapon wouldn't be at the Chukota drop, which is news to the squad who were mostly in the dark regarding the weapon.


Aguire gets the squad up to speed, telling them that he had been siphoning intel regarding the Russians' new weapon using an old French weather satellite which was hooked into a Georgian military network. The militia had then shown up, killed Aguire's men and handed off all of his intel to the Russians before he could get it back to command. A backup of the intel exists, but it's not on Earth: it's in the satellite's backup data server, inaccessible from the ground. Aguire assigns the squad the task of bringing the satellite back down to Earth to recover the server.

Cracking the Sky[edit | edit source]

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"'Pacifist? How can you be a god damn pacifist?'
'Yeah, it's bad for my karma, man. I don't mess with Karma, I just fly!'"

— Haggard and Flynn

Over the Andes

The satellite's control substation is located in the Andes Mountains, which Aguire believes the squad can use to bring down the satellite. Flynn flies the squad there, but is unable to touch down because of the heavy Russian presence defending the station. Redford assigns Marlowe and Haggard to the UH-60's miniguns to clear out enough of the Russians to land. Haggard asks Flynn why he won't use the mounted weapons on the Blackhawk to help, to which the pilot responds that he's a pacifist and using the helicopter's weapons would be bad for his karma. Haggard is not pleased by this and, despite Marlowe telling him to get over it, proceeds to berate Flynn, calling him a "silly, goddamn, muffin-headed, fuckin' liberal!" Flynn merely responds with an enthusiastic "Love ya', man!" as they near the substation.

Once Marlowe and Haggard clear the landing zone using the miniguns, Flynn drops the squad off at a supply base just below the control substation. Bravo Two fight their way up the mountain and secure the substation from the Russian forces. Sweetwater hacks into the station's terminal and brings the satellite out of geosync orbit with relative ease. However, this results in the satellite starting a rapid, visible descent, alerting all the Russian forces. With Flynn unable to pick up the squad due to high winds, the squad steals a Russian CAV and find themselves racing the Russians to the predicted crash site. Dispatching several ATVs, CAVs, and Vodniks, the squad arrive just outside the crash site and witness the satellite explosively impact an abandoned town, a sight Haggard declares to be the greatest thing he had ever seen.

That is the greatest thing I have seen in my entire life.

Advancing into the town on foot, Bravo Two locate the wreckage of the satellite. Still burning at over 2000 degrees from reentry into the atmosphere, Sweetwater informs the squad that they can't even touch the satellite, let alone begin searching for the data server within. Suddenly, another unit of Russians then attacks the crash site, attempting to destroy the satellite and its data server before Bravo Two can retrieve it. Fighting off several enemy squads and an orbiting Hind, Bravo Two manage to secure the site as a blizzard begins to set in.

Securing the site

Now cool enough to touch, Sweetwater and Marlowe begin searching for the data server while Redford and Haggard leave to secure another vehicle as the storm worsens. Shortly thereafter, Sweetwater leaves to try and find Redford, concerned they've been gone for too long. Left alone at the crash site, Marlowe manages to locate the data server and pulls it from the satellite. Leaving the area, Marlowe discovers that the squad has been split up by the blizzard through a radio transmission from Redford, although Marlowe is unable to reply because of interference from the storm. Following a trail of Flares dropped by Flynn, Marlowe is forced to move quickly between houses heading down the slope to avoid freezing in the blizzard, while also fighting off patrols of Russian forces. Eventually Marlowe is spotted by Flynn, who had managed to find the rest of the squad, and attempts to pick him up as the storm clears. Extracting him from the rooftop of a house near the bottom of the mountain, the squad escapes the area as the Russians begin to regroup on the mountain.

Aguire briefs the squad.

Rendezvousing shortly after with Aguire, the agent reveals that the Russians are close to completing a Scalar Weapon based on the one used during Operation Aurora, and that Kirilenko, who Haggard recognizes as the Russian from Chukotka, is the head of the project. Aguire knows Kirilenko's location, but they have to move immediately before he disappears again. Redford is initially hesitant, wanting to clear the mission with Braidwood, but Sweetwater insists that the General would just send some "special-ops douchebags" instead of the squad to get Kirilenko. Redford, exhausted from constantly being on the edge of the retirement and having to put up with antics of the squad, refuses, but Marlowe manages to convince him that they would be saving the US and that this would be their final mission. With squad in agreement, Aguire assigns them a new mission on the border of Chile.

Following the Server[edit | edit source]

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Argentina[edit | edit source]

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The Sangre del Toro[edit | edit source]

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Colombia[edit | edit source]

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The Scalar Weapon[edit | edit source]

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