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A breaching hammer (or dynamic hammer) is a tool used by military and law enforcement to force open a door which is locked or otherwise not able to be opened.

The common sledge hammer can fill the same purpose, and was used by military and police forces before the adoption of purpose-built breaching hammers.

Battlefield Hardline[]

Two large hammers are available in Battlefield Hardline, which only differ in appearance.

As with other two-handed melee weapons, they do not perform a takedown animation upon successfully landing a hit. A golden variant of each hammer may be obtained by completing a certain Syndicate Assignments. While functioning identically to their normal counterpart, kills obtained with the gold variants are counted separately from the normal hammers. Also, unlike the normal hammers, the gold variants may be used by both factions.

Breaching Hammer[]

The Breaching Hammer is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline.

It is one of many melee weapons available to the Law Enforcement Faction. Compared to lighter weapons such as the Police Baton, it is much heavier, having a much slower swing. It is powerful enough to always inflict a one-hit kill.

The largest advantage it provides, however, is its Destruction ability. Rather than just breaking glass, the Breaching Hammer can destroy light cover, make holes in some walls, and knock doors off of their hinges.

The Gold Hammer is obtained through completion of the Ground Vehicle Syndicate Assignment.

Sledge Hammer[]

The Sledge Hammer is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline.

It is the Criminals' equivalent of the Breaching Hammer, being identical in performance. It will always inflict a one-hit kill, and can cause destruction to objects and doors.

The Gold Sledge Hammer is obtained through completion of the Elite Player Syndicate Assignment.