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Reactive Slug breaching rounds in real life

A breaching round is a type of shotshell designed to assist in door breaching with a shotgun. They are typically frangible slug rounds of powdered metal which will disperse after impact, allowing the ammunition to destroy door locks and deadbolts while reducing the potential for collateral damage compared to Buckshot. A Reactive Slug is a type of breaching round which is designed for use with steel doors. Instead of using a powdered steel slug, Reactive slugs will penetrate a surface and then detonate a small powder charge, blowing the lock open from inside.[1]  

Reactive Slug type breaching rounds appear as an ammo type in Battlefield Hardline, simply named Breaching Rounds.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"A short range shell designed to breach a door. Toggle on with the select fire button"

— Battlelog description

The Breaching Round is a weapon Accessory introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity expansion for the Enforcer kit of both factions. It can be equipped with any of the Enforcer-specific shotguns excluding the Double-Barrel Shotgun.

Unlike other ammunition accessories, Breaching Rounds do not replace the normal rounds of a shotgun, requiring players to manually switch to them with Fire Select and do so after each shot. The Breaching Round uses the same ammunition pool as the regular buckshot, and hitting Fire Select automatically makes the loaded round a Breaching Round.

The Breaching Round fires the same amount of pellets per shot that are fired with 12 Gauge Buckshot, which varies per shotgun, but uses a unique damage model with properties similar to 12 Gauge Frag rounds in previous games. Each pellet will do 20 direct damage, cause a small explosion that does 10 damage within 1 meter, and deal additional shockwave damage out to 2 meters. Notably, the the pellets will despawn after 0.03 seconds, giving them a very short range of only 9 meters before they completely disappear.

The explosion has considerable blast impulse, which allows it to blow interactable doors out of their frames as well as push vehicles a small distance. The explosion does not deal additional damage to vehicles and will not trigger explosives like Laser Tripmines, Breaching Charges, and Sabotage bombs, though these will explode with a direct hit just like regular bullets. When used on a Sabotaged door, the door will fall out of its frame without triggering the Sabotage bomb; the bomb will remain in place but can now only be triggered by another explosion or by being shot.

Against infantry, the Breaching Rounds are extremely effective within its short range, doing as much impact damage as regular Buckshot but with an additional 10 damage per pellet from the explosion and causing high Suppression. When used on a door, it will instantly kill any enemy players up to 3 meters directly behind the door; it will not damage players standing adjacent to the door. It also functions as a counter to the Mechanic's Armored Insert at close range; the Armored Insert will reduce the damage of Buckshot pellets enough at 9 meters to be non-fatal, but a Breaching Round will still kill in a single shot due to its additional damage.

The combined explosive and shockwave damage is high enough to kill a player when aimed directly at their feet; this applies to the shooter as well, so players should avoid shooting walls and floors at point-blank range. When used on a door point-blank, the shooter will take about 50 damage; standing back at least 1 meter will keep the shooter safe from any explosive damage.



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