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Breaching Rounds IRL

A British police team member using shotgun hatton rounds in training

A breaching round or slug-shot is a shotgun shell specially made for the purposes of door breaching. It is typically fired at a range of 6 inches (15 cm) or less, aimed at the hinges or the area between the doorknob and lock and doorjamb. The rounds are designed to destroy deadbolts, locks, and hinges safely by using frangible ammunition which will disperse after destroying the lock.

They are used by military and SWAT teams to quickly force entry into a locked room. Ideally, breaching rounds may be used in a standard combat shotgun or riot shotgun, or in a specialized shotgun, often attached to a rifle, such as the KAC Masterkey or M26 MASS. Though designed not to endanger people behind or around a door, a breaching round is easily lethal if fired directly at a human target.[1]

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"A short range shell designed to breach a door. Toggle on with the select fire button"

— Battlelog description

The Breaching Round is a weapon Accessory introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity expansion for both factions.

It allow players to safely open a door that has been Sabotaged and is very effective in close range combat. Unlike other ammunition accessories, Breaching rounds do not replace the normal rounds of a shotgun, requiring players to manually switch to breaching rounds with Fire Select and do so after each shot. The Breaching Round uses the same ammunition pool as the regular buckshot, and hitting Fire Select automatically makes the loaded round a Breaching Round.[2]

The rounds have a very small range and create a small explosion on impact, which will blow open any doors it hits and destroy any nearby explosives. However, the shell has a very short range and will burst mid air after a few meters if it does not come into contact with anything. Following the explosion, a few low damage pellets will be fired a couple meters ahead of it, potentially damaging anyone behind the door. Outside close ranges, however, the round has no effect and the player should switch back buckshot to deal with enemies at longer ranges.



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