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"Tread carefully on this dynamic map, where oil extraction has turned the freezing area to a strategic hot spot. Take advantage of destructible fuel tanks and silos that create debris fields and permanent fires when destroyed."

Official Battlefield website

Breakaway is a map featured in Battlefield 2042. It was first seen in the Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI). The map takes place around a partially thawed plateau in Antarctica, at the site of a petroleum extraction complex supplying Russia with fuel.

This is the largest map of Battlefield 2042 at launch.

The map received a major improvement as part of Season 3 in Update 3.2 (Season 3).


"The Russians have been drilling Antarctic oil for a decade. Today is the day we cut the supply. You will work with other task forces to bring the facility under US control. Russian troops are on site, so expect heavy resistance. Get your gear sorted. Transport is waiting."

— American Briefing

"American forces are preparing to strike at our Antarctic oil production facility. They claim it violates international law, but they only want the oil for themselves. You must prevent the Americans from gaining a foothold. This operation is vital to the well-being of the Russian people. Your assistance will be remembered and rewarded."

— Russian Briefing


Russian Deployment[]

US Deployment[]


A: Worker's Village[]


B: Glacial Crevasse[]

C: Offshore Platform[]


D: Frozen Coast[]

E: Glacier[]


Conquest 64[]


Russian Deployment[]

US Deployment[]


A: Warehouse[]

B: Worker's Village[]

C: Silos[]

D: Frozen Coast[]

E: Offshore Platform[]


"This is it, people. It's time to put a stop to the Russians' illegal Antarctic oil drilling. The first step will be removing any Russian military presence from the region. We're sending in several task forces, however reinforcements will be limited--we need minimal losses, or we'll be forced to retreat. This one matters. Command out."

— American Briefing

"We have an emergency: The US has deployed forces against our Antarctic oil drilling operation. That facility is critical to our energy infrastructure, and we must defend it at all costs. Stop the Americans from securing the sectors. Their force is small, and if we bleed them out we will win the day. Your transport is waiting."

— Russian Briefing

Sector 1: Communications Outpost[]

The first sector begins as the American Forces begin an assault on the Communications Outpost (US Spawn in Conquest 128). They are given various vehicles to aid in their assault, including 2 light transports (LATV4 Recon and LCAA Hovercraft), 1 armored transport (MAV and M5C Bolte), 1 heavy armor vehicle (M1A5 and EMKV90-TOR), and one air transport (MV-38 Condor). The Russian Forces have to defend the Glacier, which has 2 flags in the sector with only access to 1 light transport.

Sector 2: Glacial Crevasse[]

The second sector begins as the American Forces push their assault down to the Glacial Crevasse (Sector B in Conquest 128). They keep the same vehicles as they did when their assault began but with an additional one air transport vehicle. The Russians Forces have to defend the crashed Condor which is the only flag in the sector with more vehicles available compared to the first sector, including 1 light transport, 1 light armor vehicle (EBAA Wildcat and EBLC-Ram) and 1 heavy armor vehicle (T28 and EMKV90-TOR).

Sector 3: Oil Rig[]

The third sector begins as the American Forces continue their assault all the way down to the Oil Rig (Sector C in Conquest 128 and Sector D and Sector E in Conquest 64). They keep the same vehicles to their aid with another additional heavy armor vehicle. The Russian Forces have to defend the Oil Rig which has 2 flags in the sector.

Sector 4: Worker's Village[]

The fourth sector begins as the American Forces direct their assault into the final stages, they begin assaulting the Worker's Village (Sector A in Conquest 128 and Sector B in Conquest 64). They now get 1 light armor vehicle to use in order to aid them in taking the last Sector. The Russian Forces have to defend the Worker's Village and defend the Warehouse (Sector A in Conquest 64). The defender now gains more vehicles including 1 light transport, 1 armored transport, 1 light armor vehicle, 1 heavy armor vehicle and 1 air transport (Mi-240 Super Hind).



  • The map's internal name is MP_Irreversible.[3]
  • After being spotted in the reveal trailer, the Emperor Penguins present on the map became very popular in the community, with internet memes and fanart subsequently being created in reference to them. DICE would frequently acknowledge this, retweeting multiple pieces of penguin-related fanart from the Official Battlefield Twitter account. DICE 3D artist Joel Zakrisson, who managed most of the 3D art for Breakaway and was the one who had suggested and modeled the penguins, was also interviewed in a Battlefield Briefing post regarding the map.[4]