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A Bren in real life.

The Bren is a British light machine gun designed during the 1930s and adopted by the British Army and other Commonwealth forces in 1938, and used extensively during World War II. The Bren was based off the Czech ZB vz.26, and had many similar characteristics, such as the top-mounted magazine and feed systems. During World War II, it was chambered in .303 British, the same as Lee-Enfield rifles, placed in a typically curved 30-round box magazine. It fired at a rate of fire of around 500 rounds per minute, with an effective range of around 550 meters.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Bren LMG is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1942, introduced in the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion and issued to the British Commandos Assault. It has a 30-round magazine, decent power and range, and fair accuracy. It uses the same projectile as the M1918 BAR, and so has the same damage, but with a better rate of fire, higher accuracy, and a larger magazine, however, if fired beyond 50 meters, its damage decreases gradually to half damage around 100 meters. When the player is prone, the Bren suffers no accuracy penalty when fired, making it perfect for suppressive fire and maximal accuracy for medium-long range engagements.


Battlefield VEdit

"The British built this light machine gun based on a Czechoslovak design. It had a top-mounted magazine which gave it a distinct look, and it was very popular with the troops."

— In-game description

The Bren Gun is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


The Bren Gun is the starting weapon of the unnamed player character controlled during the 1944 section of the prologue My Country Calling.


The Bren gun is issued to the Support kit at class rank 8. With the lowest rate of fire amongst all LMGs at 514 RPM, the Bren offers superior accuracy, decent controllability and expanded magazine capacity of 30 rounds over its closest contemporary the KE7. As such it is best suited to medium-long range engagements, as it can be outdamaged at close range by faster-firing weapons - something that cannot be remedied with specializations as the Light Bolt is not available. Despite a low fire rate, the Bren has relatively high per-shot recoil when shooting unsupported by a Bipod.

Specializations therefore focus on further improving the Bren Gun's capabilities at distance, and recoil reduction. Rank 1 upgrade Quick Reload, and Rank 3 choice between Quick Aim and Slings and Swivels, seek to enhance responsiveness. Rank 1 Ported Barrel and Rank 2 Recoil Buffer can be selected concurrently to lessen recoil. Finally, Rank 2 Barrel Bedding boosts stationary accuracy, while the final choice between Improved Bipod and High Velocity Bullets both increase effectiveness against long range targets.


Vehicle Mounted Bren GunEdit

A version of the Bren Gun with a pan magazine is also featured as the top gunner weapon on British ground vehicles, namely the Churchill Mk VII, Valentine Mk VIII, Staghound T17E1, M3 and Universal Carrier. It features a slower rate of fire than the German equivalent MG 34. The weapon is also use as the rear gunner's defensive armament on the Blenheim Mk I and Mk IF bombers, although in this role the Bren has a much higher rate of fire.


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