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Broadheads are arrowheads that have two to four sharp blades attached. They are intended to bleed targets for a quick kill by creating wide slices on entry to cut major blood vessels and arteries, and will cause further damage on removal of the arrow. Modern Broadhead arrows are used for hunting purposes and are generally used for hunting big game animals.

Battlefield 4Edit

"Broadheads provide a balance in range and damage."

— In-game description

The Broadhead Arrow is an ammo type available for the Phantom bow in Battlefield 4, and is one of four arrow types available to the Phantom alongside the Bulletpoint Arrow, Explosive Tipped Arrow, and Poison Arrow.

The Broadhead Arrow is the default arrow equipped with the Phantom Bow and is balanced all-around for most engagements. It has the highest damage at all ranges of the arrowheads, doing a base damage of 100 and dropping to a minimum of 80 damage at 100 meters. This means it will kill in a single chest shot at short and medium ranges (Unless the target has the Defensive Upgrade Path equipped), and will kill with a headshot at all ranges. This makes the Broadhead the most reliable arrowhead damage-wise, and the easiest to use in combat.

The Broadhead's main downsides are its abilities at range and those already inherent to the Phantom, namely its reload, hipfire delay, and the relatively slow projectile velocity of 350 m/s shared by all arrow types. The Broadhead has moderate drop over range, and requires aim adjustment past 50 meters, so the arrow is more difficult to use at longer ranges than the Bulletpoint. The Phantom's bow sight pins are zeroed as follows with the Broadhead equipped; the green pin is accurate from 0 to 50 meters, yellow at 100 meters, and red at 140 meters. Distances between these require aiming between the respective distance pins.

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