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Brute MP

The Brute as seen in Multiplayer

The Brute is an autodialer safe-cracking robot featured in Battlefield Hardline.


Initially owned by Tony Alpert, the Brute can essentially crack any vault in a relativity short amount of time. Having gather intelligence that Julian Dawes' vault was uncrackable and that using explosives to open it would be unreliable, Marcus Boone mentioned that Alpert owned a safe-cracking robot that was perfect for the job, setting up a meeting a result in order to borrow it. Unknown to them, however, Carl Stoddard had set a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar reward to whoever captured Nicholas Mendoza alive, prompting Tony Alpert to betray Nick and Marcus and lock them up in a decommissioned missile silo. Despite this, Nick and Marcus are able to escape the compound and make their way to the airfield where the Brute is being held and are successful in recovering it and escaping.

Upon discovering Dawes' vault hidden behind the fireplace, Tyson Latchford activates the Brute as Nick and Khai Minh Dao fend off waves of Preferred Outcomes guards. After successfully fending off Dawes' men, Tyson proceeds to open the new unlocked vault only to discover that is has been wired with explosives, heavily injuring him and destroying the brute. The remains of the robot are left in the penthouse as Nick and his crew proceed to escape.



A drill is used by the Criminals on some Heist games, such as Riptide and Bank Job. It functions in the exact same manner as the Brute in the singleplayer, but instead of the cracking mechanism it features a slowly advancing drill.