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The H&R SPIW is a prototype assault rifle designed for the Special Purpose Individual Weapon program by Harrington & Richardson.

The H&R SPIW used a revolving open chamber system designed by David Dardick of Dardick revolver fame. The only reciprocating component in the weapon was a top-mounted gas piston, which cammed a revolving cylinder 120 degrees with each fired shot.

The SPIW also features a three-shot, semi-automatic, revolver-style grenade launcher that attaches beneath the barrel of the weapon. The three chambers are loaded from the rear.[1]

Battlefield Heroes[]

"Tight spread shotgun, equipped it with a grenade launcher just to be sure."

— In-game description

The Brute Puncher is a shotgun featured in Battlefield Heroes for the Royal Army.

It was introduced in November 2012 in the Punk Heroes 2 bundle. Its counterpart is Titan's Thunder for the National Army.

Aside from the functionality of a shotgun, the weapon also features a grenade launcher to provide explosive damage against enemies.