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Buccaneer Bay is a map in the game Battlefield Heroes.


Buccaneer Bay is a conquest map with four capture points. The map's main center of conflict is the Shipwreck which is used by many Commandos to easily snipe targets in the main area of conflict of the Battlefield which is usually between the Shipwreck and the Town North of it, most teams try to take the shipwreck as it can be impregnable if defended well. A new version of the map was released to coincide with the Battlefield Heroes Event, "Vampires vs Werewolves". It was a night version, featuring added sound effects such as wolves howling depending where on the map the player was.


  • There are striking similarities between Buccaneer Bay and the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 map Atacama Desert. They both are featured near water, have large amounts of vehicles (both air and land), a cast area, and the central location of a beached ship in each map.


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