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USAF Buddy Drag

USAF personnel performing the buddy drag during SABC training

Buddy drag is a form of action taken to drag casualities out of danger to a safer location to administer medical attention. This helps prevent further harm to the casuality as well as the person attempting first-aid. Additionally this is done to recover the bodies of the deceased to safety. It does have a few disadvantages, however. Since the action requires physically dragging someone without assistance, it may be difficult if only done by one person. It also poses a great risk of the responder becoming another casuality.

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3 Buddy Drag

Blackburn dragging an injured Chaffin to safety

Buddy drag is a feature seen in the singleplayer of Battlefield 3. Towards the beginning of Operation Swordbreaker, Jack Chaffin is shot by a PLR sniper and immediately dragged to safety by Henry Blackburn.

Battlefield VEdit

Buddy drag is a new feature of Battlefield V. It allows downed players to be dragged to a safer location in order for a successful Syringe or Buddy Revive. The animation prevents the player from utilizing any weapons while dragging though it can be canceled at any time.

Although the feature appears in the Reveal Trailer the functionality to drag teammates will not be present at launch.