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Buddy Revive is a new ability for Squads introduced in Battlefield V, allowing players to revive fellow squad members from a downed state.

In comparison to the almost immediate Syringe revive performed by the Medic class, Buddy Revives take several seconds to perform, leaving players highly vulnerable. The revive can be cancelled at any time using other keypresses, allowing the reviver to respond to developing threats, but meaning the process will have to be started again from scratch when trying to revive the player afterwards.

As with Medic revives, the recipient of a Buddy Revive will be restored to full health. The system was intended to work in tandem with the Buddy Drag function, but the latter will not be present at launch.


  • In the Alpha version of Battlefield V, Buddy Revives left the recipient at only 31 health, which could regenerate to 49 health without the help of healing gadgets.
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