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Bulletpoints are arrowheads with a small steel point used for target shooting and small game hunting. They are intended to penetrate a target easily and not cause significant damage. When used for practice, they are generally matched to the weight of intended Broadhead point to be used when actually hunting to minimize sight adjustment during the hunt.

Battlefield 4[]

"Sacrificing damage for weight reduction, this arrow flies straight and true."

— In-game description

The Bulletpoint Arrow is an ammo type available for the Phantom bow in Battlefield 4, and is one of four arrow types available to the Phantom alongside the Broadhead Arrow, Explosive Tipped Arrow, and Poison Arrow.

The Bulletpoint is the most accurate arrow available to the Phantom, having significantly less drop compared to all other arrow types in exchange for lower damage than the Broadhead. The Bulletpoint has a base damage of 80 and a minimum of 45 at 100 meters. This means the arrowhead is incapable of killing in a single bodyshot, but will kill with a headshot at close and medium ranges and will perform its base damage with a long range headshot. While it is more accurate than any other arrow, it is not faster and shares its relatively slow velocity of 350 m/s with all other arrows.

The Bulletpoint's primary drawback is its inability to kill a player at full health in a single shot without a headshot. In order to be used effectively, users will have to be highly accurate and consistently aim for headshots; players who are unable to do this are better off equipping the Broadhead arrow due to its more reliable killing potential. Accurate players will have an easier time dealing with targets at medium and longer ranges with the Bulletpoint than with the Broadhead. The Phantom's sight pins are zeroed to the following when equipped with the Bulletpoint arrow: the green pin is accurate up to 100 meters, yellow to 140 meters, and red to around 180 meters, well outside of the Phantom's relatively useful range.


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