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C-47 Black and White

A C-47 in real life

The C-47 Skytrain or Dakota is a military transport aircraft that was developed from the Douglas DC-3 airliner. It was used extensively by the allies during World War II and remained in front line operations through the 1950s with a few remaining in operation to this day.

It was later used for the basis of the AC-47 Spooky ground support gunship, which would later on be succeeded by the AC-130 Gunship.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The C-47 acts as a mobile spawn point in Battlefield 1942. Any Allied player on a map with this plane can spawn inside of it, as long as the plane isn't full and hasn't been destroyed. The plane can fit a pilot, a door gunner who can rotate his machine gun to fire out of the doors on either side of the plane and four passengers. If the plane is destroyed, it will quickly respawn at its original location. The vehicle offers an effective advantage of allowing players to drop over enemy positions. Despite this, its slow speed makes it an easy target for anti-air artillery.


Battlefield VEdit

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The C-47 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer. The C-47 is used by both the United Kingdom and Germany.

The aircraft is used to drop paratroopers during the Airborne phase of Grand Operations. Similar to the Dropship from Battlefield 3: End Game, the vehicle is AI controlled and will fly in a straight, preset path. Players can spawn in the C-47, and choose when to jump from the plane - which can hold a maximum of twelve passengers at one time. The C-47 can be destroyed with anti-aircraft emplacements such as the Flak 38, with kills being awarded for any enemy player inside at the time of its destruction. However, the plane takes less damage the further away the anti-aircraft gun is, and players that spawn into an aircraft just as it is destroyed will have spawn protection, immediately parachuting unharmed.