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Coastal Class

A real life C-Class Airship.

Coastal-Class Airships were a type of dirigible used during World War I to patrol coastlines, protect naval convoys and perform anti-submarine warfare.

The French Astra-Torres airship designed by Spaniard Leonardo Torres Quevedo was also purchased by Japan and Britain. The British would copy much of the design to create their own C-Class. Armament varied from Lewis Guns for general protection, the Lee-Enfield rifle (for anti-mine operations), to bombs and depth charges for anti-submarine use.

Battlefield 1[]

"Airships were used on scouting missions and long anti-submarine patrols by the French Navy and British Royal Navy during the Great War. The C-9, a C-Class Airship, never missed an assigned patrol in 805 days of service."

— In-game description

"Deliver death from above in a nimble airship with room for a pilot and three gunners."

— Official website description

The C-Class Airship is a vehicle introduced in the Battlefield 1: Turning Tides expansion.[1]

The C-Class is a smaller recon blimp which can dive and ascend, at shallow angles; A luxury that the L30 cannot do, whose altitude is controlled automatically. Its flight ceiling is also comfortably high, but can also drop low, with its gondola occasionally disappearing beneath the ocean for short moments.

Unlike other aircraft, the vehicle does not take damage from collisions with the scenery, yet enemy infantry can still be harmed by impact against its control surfaces.

It features four positions: a pilot, a forward gunner operating a 76mm breech-loading cannon, a rear gunner operating a 20mm Autocannon, and a top gunner operating a QF 1 AA.

The airship does not share a spawn with any other class of vehicles, meaning there is always a maximum of one per team. It is also difficult to enter through means other than direct spawning, as its embarkation range is a similar size to other vehicles, meaning pilots have to practically land the airship in order pick up passengers.

The airship has also made a return in Battlefield 1: Apocalypse, being present on London Calling: Raiders in the Air Assault gamemode.

The airship is a large target, especially against AA guns (on the ground, on destroyers, on the Dreadnought, or even on the enemy airship). Airplanes are also dangerous threats, especially those equipped with rockets (The Fighter's Bomber Killer and the Attack Plane's Airship Buster), which can inflict devastating damage in a short time. When destroyed, the envelope will emit a few small explosions, followed immediately by a bigger explosion that can be heard across the map. The remaining fuselage will then fall to the earth or into the ocean and despawn over a short period of time.

The C-Class can make for an excellent bullet sponge due to its endurance, but bringing it to low altitudes risks bringing sniping weapons or anti-vehicle munitions towards the crew or cabin. Its endurance is helped by the unique ability to move while self-repairing, albeit only forward or backwards as turning and altitude control remain restricted.

Its sheer size and ability to turn on the spot can in some cases be used offensively, as cunning pilots can physically ram enemy planes or even enemy airships, depending on how much damage it has sustained beforehand. The Raider Package makes a great naval asset for ridding enemy destroyers or torpedo boats, especially when defending the Dreadnought behemoth that spawns on the map.

At present, two vehicle packages are available:[2]


Vehicle Skins[]



  • Sandbags can be seen hung on the bottom of the gondola. The sandbags are dropped when the airship tries to gain altitude. The sandbags respawn while the airship is not ascending or descending.[3]
  • In Air Assault, the airship does not take damage from bullets. This makes it immune to the machine gunners on top of the Zeppelin. However, bombs dropped by the airship cannot damage the Zeppelin (although naval mines can).
  • Due to an oversight, naval mines set off in Air Assault create a pillar of water.
  • The flag of the team that spawned the destroyer will appear on the stern. However, if stolen by the enemy, it is replaced by the Jolly Roger—a flag associated with piracy. This also occurs with stolen L-Class Destroyers.
  • During testing, the embarkation radius of the airship was around 50m, allowing infantry on the ground to enter an airborne airship from some distance. This was changed upon release.
  • Visuals for the C-Class Airship do not appear in the "Inventory" section of the Battlepacks menu and can only be viewed in the "Exchange" section. There, despite being used only by the British Empire, German Empire and Royal Marines, the airship is depicted with the identification markings of the Kingdom of Italy.