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DTN-4 is a gadget featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


DTN-4 can be found in various places in the singleplayer campaign. When picked up, the player has 5 sticks of DTN-4 and the firing device. It is deployed with R1 Button (PS3)/Right Trigger (X360) and detonated with the same button/trigger. In order to place more than one charge, the player must press the Square/X button to bring up another stick. It is needed to destroy the bridges in Ghost Town to hold off the US advance so Bravo-One Charlie can continue through Sadiz unimpeded.


DTN-4 is an unlockable gadget for the Specialist Kit. C4 can be thrown short distances and is fired remotely by the player. The C4 is useful for breaching walls to get to objectives. It can be placed on Gold Crates to cause high damage to infantry or even destroy the Crate with little time consumption. DTN-4 is also very useful for destroying vehicles.

It only requires 2 sticks to destroy a vehicle that is not damaged, one for a vehicle with 85% or less health. Although extremely effective, it requires the player to approach the vehicle, plant the charge, and then precede to manually detonate it from a safe position. DTN-4 can also be used as traps on roads where vehicles are expected to pass through. This is effective, but requires the user to have a view of where he/she planted the charges. All explosives will be destroyed with one detonation


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