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"C4 is an extremely powerful explosive charge which can be attached to vehicles and structures. A remote detonator is used to set off the explosive. It is very effective against vehicles or as a booby-trap, just make sure you are a safe distance away before you press the detonator as it has a large blast radius!"

— In-game description

In Battlefield 2, C4 is issued to the Special Forces kit.

C4 has multiple uses, ranging from anti-infantry purposes to anti-vehicle purposes.

Anti-infantry wise, C4 makes a decent anti-infantry equipment. Usually, C4 is a good way to surprise enemies or ambush infantry. Though it is limited to five packs making it very troublesome to get ammo unless a support is around.

Vehicles are a very potential target and can take very usually two to three with light vehicles being one. Though it's very dangerous to go up to an enemy vehicle, so it should be done with caution and using surprise and rushing an enemy that does not notice the player. Another anti-vehicle option would be to mine an area of a road similar to AT mines, though the player should attempt to keep a good distance and maintain visibility on his/her trap.

A commonly frowned upon idea is to go into an enemy base and booby-trap vehicles and wait for enemy players to enter the vehicle and detonate the C4. Thus, giving a player one-six kills at most.

C4 is also one of the three ways to destroy bridges and can slow down vehicles and making some players take a long way around.

Similarly, C4 is the only installations such as UAV Trailers, Artillery and Satellite Scan, taking two to three packs of C4 to destroy one of the installations and can give an advantage to the players team.

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