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"Similar to its predecessor, C4, RDX DemoPak is a remotely detonated, plastic-bonded chemical explosive. The RDX is infused with a highly stable high explosive chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane), increasing its optimum effective explosive output."

— Prima Official Game Guide

In Battlefield 2142, the RDX DemoPak is an unlockable gadget featured in for the Recon Kit. While performing similar to C4 in Battlefield 2, it has a slightly larger blast. The RDX DemoPak is a high damage, explosive weapon and can be placed on vehicles, Titan Consoles, such as on the MK-1 Titan and Type-2 Titan, and emplacements. This weapon is also very effective against L5 Riesig or T-39 Bogatyr battlewalkers, especially when attached on the vents under the main body, which are the walker's weakest areas.


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