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"Plastic explosives that stick to most surfaces. The remote detonator allows for traps and ambushes."

— In-game description

Breaching Charge is a purchasable gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline, issued to the Enforcer kit. Functioning similarly to its counterpart in Battlefield 4, Breaching Charges are capable of causing a Mobility Kill on armored vehicles and will destroy most civilian vehicles with a single charge. Aesthetically, the charges now have thinner look, resembling Bad Company's DTN-4 explosive charges.

In Heist mode, non-gadget Breaching Charges are placed on the crashed armored trucks by the Criminals in order to gain access to the loot. These charges have a thirty-second timer before detonation, and the timer can be stopped by Law Enforcement forces if they arrive at the scene before they detonate.


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