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The Mauser C96 (Construktion 96) is a German self-loading handgun. It was one of the earliest self-loading handguns developed, and the earliest truly successful one, being adopted by many national militaries and remaining in service for over a half a century. The original weapon was chambered in 7.63x25mm Mauser, and fed from a 10-round integral magazine set slightly ahead of the pistol grip. It made use of a short-recoil system of operation.

Many variants and rechamberings of the weapon were developed, including 9x19mm and .45ACP versions, cavalry variants with extended barrels, carbine variants with handguards and shoulder stocks, variants fed from extended magazines or detachable magazines, and even a fully-automatic variant.

A close relative to the C96 Carbine, the M1917 Trench Carbine, was designed to fulfill the need for a trench-raiding weapon for German storm troops. However, due to it not being fully-automatic and the fear that its production may interfere with that of other weapons, it was never mass-produced. However, German officials still found the 40 round magazine impressive.

Battlefield Heroes[]

In Battlefield Heroes, the National Army has three sidearms based on the C96 and are visually identical to one another: Ludwig's Uber Loaded, Florenz' Uber Flurry, Gerhart's Uber Greatest. The standard variants of each weapon is based on the P08 Pistol.

Ludwig's Uber Loaded[]

"More rounds and critical hit chance than the original Ludwig's Loaded!"

— In-game Description

Ludwig's Uber Loaded is the upgraded variant of Ludwig's Loaded. Unlike the standard variant, it has an enlarged 9 round magazine, and has a higher chance of obtaining critical hits when used (13% instead of 2.5%).


Florenz' Uber Flurry[]

"More rounds and critical hit chance than the original Florenz' Flurry!"

— In-game Description

Florenz' Uber Flurry is the upgraded variant of Florenz' Flurry. Unlike the standard variant, it has a 15-round magazine, and a higher chance of critical hits than the normal version (13% instead of 2.5%).


Gerhart's Uber Greatest[]

"More rounds and critical hit chance than the original Gerhart's Greatest!"

— In-game Description

Gerhart's Uber Greatest is the upgraded variant of Gerhart's Greatest. Unlike the standard variant, it has a 11-round magazine and a higher chance of a critical hit than the normal version (13% instead of 3%).


Battlefield 1[]

The C96 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1. Two variants are featured in multiplayer: the sidearm C96 and the C96 Carbine. A silenced variant, the C96 Silencer, can be found in singleplayer. A fourth variant, the C96 Export, is a C96 Pistol with slightly higher damage and less accuracy than the basic C96. It is exclusive to DICE developers, but can also be found on the Community Test Environment.[1]


The C96 Pistol appears in singleplayer as the main weapon of Daniel Edwards in Through Mud and Blood, equipped with a radium sight. The Carbine variant can be found in weapon crates, often with a scope, and is also used by the Ottoman Empire.

A C96 Silencer variant also exists, and can be found inside weapon crates in Through Mud and Blood, The Runner, and Nothing is Written. The pistol was modeled with the C96 Carbine's 20-round magazine, but only ever holds 10 rounds and cannot be resupplied.

Collecting all Field Manuals and Codex Entries in the singleplayer war story Through Mud and Blood will reward the skin His Lordship for use in multiplayer.



This item has a Codex entry: C96 Pistol

"The C96 pistol was the first semi-automatic pistol ever to be truly commercially successful. It saw widespread use during WW1."

— In-game description

The C96 fills the role of medium damage, medium rate-of-fire pistol for the Medic kit. The C96 is very similar to the Repetierpistole M1912, which fulfills the same role for the Support kit. However, the C96 can top up its magazine mid-way through, while the Repetierpistole M1912 must eject its remaining rounds. Still, the C96 is the weakest of the class-specific medium sidearms.

It compares more closely to the all-kit pistols, especially the P08.

A special variant that was originally exclusive to DICE employees, but can now be found in the Community Test Environment is the C96 Export. It is visually identical to the normal C96, but is available to all kits, and has a higher damage, a slightly faster damage dropoff and lower control.[1]

Weapon Skins[]

C96 Carbine[]

This item has a Codex entry: C96

"The Carbine version of the famous C96 pistol, featuring an extended barrel and a shoulder stock."

— In-game description

The C96 Carbine is issued to both the Tanker and Pilot kits as their default primary weapon. The Support kit also has access to this weapon, but that is quite not recommended.

The carbine conversion doubles the magazine size, slightly increases muzzle velocity, and reduces recoil. However, reloading takes longer, hipfire spread is increased, and movement will increase spread.

The C96 carbine benefits from higher muzzle velocity over the other carbines, and has good recoil and spread. Although it is the lone clip-loading carbine, it still loads faster than the Pieper M1893.


M1917 Trench Carbine[]

This item has a Codex entry: M1917 Trench Carbine
For other similarly named weapons, see M1917 (Disambiguation)

"Designed late in WWI as a weapon for trench raiding, the semi-automatic M1917 carbine features a detachable high capacity magazine."

— In-game description

The M1917 Trench Carbine is a weapon that was introduced in Battlefield 1: Turning Tides expansion for the Assault class.[2] It resembles the C96 Carbine, but with a detachable 40-round magazine and slightly higher damage.

In-game, the Trench Carbine is best suited for mid-close range combat. The weapon features high hipfire accuracy, virtually non-existent recoil, and a high magazine capacity of 40 rounds. It also features the second-highest muzzle velocity of any Assault-class gun, beaten only by the Ribeyrolles. The main downside is that it shoots rather slowly for an Assault-class weapon, being semi-automatic only.

A variant of this weapon is the M1917 Patrol Carbine, added in the Weapon Crate update on May 7 2018. It is equipped with a mid-power scope and has better accuracy when moving.

Weapon Skins[]

M1917 Patrol Carabine[]

"The M1917 Patrol Carabine it desine to ends of the WWI like a weapon to assault trenches and Included a large capacity removable charger"

— -In game description

Battlefield V[]

"Built as a prototype to fullfil a request from the German army. Although it's design was based on other popular pistols used during the Great War, the Trench Carbine is unique in many ways. [sic]"

— In-game description

The Trench Carbine is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the Tides of War subchapter event, Battlefest. The weapon is rewarded for completing Week Three challenges.

The Trench Carbine is the second Pistol Carbine to be added for the Recon class following the P08 Pistol Carbine. Comparing the two statistically, the Trench Carbine has marginally lower per-shot recoil and a larger magazine capacity, allowing for greater volume of sustained fire as well as better controllability while doing so. Both have identical rates of fire and maximum damage, allowing the weapons to kill in as little as three body shots or two with a headshot, and both retain this maximum damage out to 10m. Past this point, although its damage drop off appears to occur at the same rate as the P08, the Trench Carbine continues to lose impact past 75m, requiring eight shots to kill at most at maximum distance instead of the P08's six shots. Performance at range is further hampered by a lower muzzle velocity. In spite of this, at ranges the Pistol Carbine are most effective - namely short to medium range - the Trench Carbine can be considered equal to the P08 Carbine in terms of damage, as well as reload speed.

The weapon's Specializations tree continues its similarity to the P08, although there are some differences. The left path promotes improved accuracy in hipfire as well as speed of reloads and target acquisition, while the right path emphasises mobility by increasing aimed movement speed, reducing weapon switch time, and improving moving accuracy - with the unique rank 3 upgrade of Selective Fire Trigger enabling fully automatic fire, allowing the weapon to be fired at its maximum rate by simply holding the fire button.



Battlefield 1[]

C96 Back Side

The C96 Dog Tag depicting the alternative HUD icon.

  • All non-empty reload animations for the C96 pistol and C96 carbine appear to load bullets into a closed chamber.
  • In an alternate HUD icon, the pistol has the extended magazine of the carbine. It is still depicted this way on the weapon's Dog Tag.
  • There is a glitch where on empty reloads, the character inserts 21 bullets into the weapon (stripper clips and a single bullet), despite the gun only holding 10 bullets.
  • The ammo type for the M1917 Trench Carbine was originally listed as "7.63x25mm" in the game files, before being fixed to the correct "9x19mm".
  • The medal Order of the Death's Head requires performing 20 kills with the M1917 Trench Carbine. While other medals count kills using all weapon variants, here the Patrol Carbine variant is not counted.
  • This C96 Silencer is surprisingly capable of performing bayonet charges.
  • The localization files mention a C96 Auto variant, but it does not appear in the game. It would have functioned similarly to the Frommer Stop Auto variant, with an extended magazine shown in the alternate HUD icon mentioned above.
  • Yet another variant is mentioned in the localization files, this time the C96 Extended Magazine, which also does not appear in the game. It is presumed that this string is obsolete and would have referred to the C96 Carbine variant in the released game.

Battlefield V[]