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"Built as a prototype to fullfil a request from the German army. Although it's design was based on other popular pistols used during the Great War, the Trench Carbine is unique in many ways. [sic]"

— In-game description

The Trench Carbine is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the Tides of War subchapter event, Battlefest. The weapon is rewarded for completing Week Three challenges.

The Trench Carbine is the second Pistol Carbine to be added for the Recon class following the P08 Pistol Carbine. Comparing the two statistically, the Trench Carbine has marginally lower per-shot recoil and a larger magazine capacity, allowing for greater volume of sustained fire as well as better controllability while doing so. Both have identical rates of fire and maximum damage, allowing the weapons to kill in as little as three body shots or two with a headshot, and both retain this maximum damage out to 10m. Past this point, although its damage drop off appears to occur at the same rate as the P08, the Trench Carbine continues to lose impact past 75m, requiring eight shots to kill at most at maximum distance instead of the P08's six shots. Performance at range is further hampered by a lower muzzle velocity. In spite of this, at ranges the Pistol Carbine are most effective - namely short to medium range - the Trench Carbine can be considered equal to the P08 Carbine in terms of damage, as well as reload speed.

The weapon's Specializations tree continues its similarity to the P08, although there are some differences. The left path promotes improved accuracy in hipfire as well as speed of reloads and target acquisition, while the right path emphasises mobility by increasing aimed movement speed, reducing weapon switch time, and improving moving accuracy - with the unique rank 3 upgrade of Selective Fire Trigger enabling fully automatic fire, allowing the weapon to be fired at its maximum rate by simply holding the fire button.