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C96 is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked upon obtaining 5 kills with the C96 Carbine.


C96 Codex Entry

Right after the C96 pistol had begun production the manufacturer began experimenting with true carbine versions of the weapon. One of the ideas was a carbine for light cavalry - the M1896 Kavallerie Karabiner.

Instead of the detachable stock of the C96 pistol, these had a permanently fixed wooden stock and forend, and a much longer barrel - between 300 and 370 mm - and the standard 10-round magazine. These carbines were never adopted by a military force, however, and were instead sold as commercial sporting weapons.

About 1100 such C96 carbines were made before production was cancelled in 1899 due to poor interest. Late in WW1 another carbine based on the C96 was produced - the M1917 Trench Carbine, designed to be a light and compact assault weapon for Stormtroopers. The biggest difference to the earlier C96 carbines was a detachable 40-round magazine.

A small quantity was produced and issued to Stormtroopers, but most of them were destroyed after the Versailles Treaty. By far the most common carbine version of the C96 was the regular pistol with its attachable shoulder stock, which were commonly used as personal defense or assault weapons in WW1.

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