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The CAR-15 variant that was used during the Vietnam War.

The CAR-15 (Colt Automatic Rifle-15 Military Weapons System) is a family of AR-15 and M16-based firearms developed by Colt in the late 1960s and early 1970s, designed to be compact, lightweight versions of the larger AR-15 rifles. The more famous M4 carbine is a successor to the CAR-15's role.

Battlefield VietnamEdit


The CAR-15 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam, issued to MACV and ARVN Assault kits. It has a high rate of fire, moderate recoil, high damage, high accuracy and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Its high rate of fire and capacity can make it be effectively used as a submachine gun, and compared to the M16A1, it's a better choice for any combat.



The CAR-15/XM148 is exclusively issued to the MACV Assault as a primary weapon option. Using this option removes the Assault's hand grenades. It comes with an attached XM148 underbarrel grenade launcher that can be fired by pressing the zoom button (now alt fire).

The rifle has identical stats as the normal CAR-15, but because it cannot zoom, it is weaker for longer range engagement.

When reloading either the gun or grenade launcher, the user cannot fire the other weapon.