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The Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) is a Finnish vehicle developed by Patria. The vehicle uses a modular design that can swap/support different turrets, weapons, sensors and communication systems.

Battlefield 2042[]

"As a specialized Close Assault Vehicle, the Brawler has a selection of armaments and equipment that makes it ideal for close quarter combat against soft targets. Innovative composite armor provides superior protection from mines, C5 explosives and grenades."

— In-game description

The CAV-Brawler is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Eleventh Hour season. Players can unlock the vehicle by reaching tier 28 in the Battle Pass or complete certain assignments after the season. It is available for both United States and Russia.

The vehicle excels at fighting in close quarters with infantry support, and its default weapons and equipment—as well as its unlocks—support it in this role quite well. With a 40mm CASE chain gun firing multiple canister shots downrange along with a coaxial light machine gun alternate for the first gunner seat, and a Minigun equipped in the second gunner seat by default, the CAV is well-equipped out the gate in an anti-infantry role and is halfway decent at dealing with low-flying helicopters; the 40mm CASE can do significant damage to all helicopters if the gunner is able to land their shots—and the coaxial LMG and Minigun second gunner can damage them as well. The 40mm CASE does have a long auto-reload time however, so gunners should be mindful of their shots and switch to the LMG when necessary. Of note for default equipment is that everyone in the vehicle is alerted any time the vehicle takes incoming damage, thanks to the Threat Detection system carried over from the EMKV90-TOR. This system automatically plays an audible cue and marks enemy infantry or vehicles that damage the Brawler by highlighting them in whichever color the player has set for enemies to appear as (red by default), even if they are in smoke or behind cover, so that they can be dealt with or avoided appropriately.

Eventually, players will unlock the Close Defense System vehicle equipment, allowing the driver to gain kills via dispensing fragmentation mines around the entire vehicle periodically, much like how the Cluster Mine Layer unlock for the M5C Bolte operates by dispensing similar mines behind it. The system has a long reload time but is quite effective at clearing enemies surrounding the vehicle and preventing them from trying to C5-run the vehicle. It can also detonate nearby enemy Anti-Tank Mines as an added benefit if the driver or gunners do not spot them first. Use of this system however, comes at the cost of losing out on the Smoke Discharger that blocks spotting, which is equipped by default in the same equipment slot and helps hide the vehicle in close quarters, though it will not block incoming locked-on missiles. Equipping the Active Protection System once unlocked for the second driver equipment slot will allow for that system to automatically shoot down any incoming anti-vehicle weapons and grenades, and will disallow vehicle hacks from enemy Rao players when active if it is equipped over the default Detection Pulse. Players also may wish to use the Repair System they unlock along the way if they are planning to go in and out of combat, or do not expect to come across much anti-armor weaponry.

The 20mm Flak Cannon, when unlocked for the second gunner, allows this player to provide a fair amount of anti-air support for the CAV-Brawler—as well as moderate anti-infantry support and the ability to effectively destroy player equipment hidden by cover via shooting near it, unless Irish's APS-36 Shootdown Sentry is nearby. The weapon performs much like the 60mm Flak Pod available as an unlock for the MAV and EBLC-Ram, but shoots fully automatically with a cooldown that it can reach fairly quickly if one is not careful, similar to the Minigun or mounted light and heavy machine guns. It does less overall damage shot-per-shot versus its pod weapon counterpart, but has much more consistent anti-air damage output given its operation mode. Once the 25mm APDS chain gun is unlocked for the first gunner seat—the only other unlock available for this seat, the Brawler can perform exceptionally in a hit-and-run anti-vehicle role as well. The APDS shells can do massive burst damage to vehicles that are caught unaware, making short work of commandeered civilian vehicles, destroying the LATV4 Recon and LCAA Hovercraft in 4-5 shots, and taking out a large chunk of health on other armored transports, low-flying helicopters, and even tanks in a full salvo (about 10 damage per hit to EBAA Wildcat, 40+ to Stealth-craft). The APDS can also be used against infantry and will kill in a few direct hits (about 85 damage per hit at most), but the gun has a long auto-reload time like the 40mm CASE and also does little splash damage, making it ineffectual in an anti-infantry role. Avid gunners should be mindful of their targets as well as their remaining shots for the gun and switch weapons and change up targets when necessary to avoid running dry in combat. The last unlock for the second gunner, the 40mm Incendiary GL, allows the player to fire a salvo of 8 incendiary grenades in an arc similar to the 40mm Grenade Launcher—albeit with less range. This weapon allows the second gunner to provide a great amount of area denial and cover-busting, much more so than singular player-thrown incendiary. An interesting quirk about the incendiary launcher is that it needs to expend its full salvo before it will automatically reload another set, unlike the 40mm Grenade Launcher that auto-reloads continuously until reaching its maximum ammo count.

The two passenger seats on the CAV-Brawler allow each player to use their full suite of gear, including throwables, available to them much like in passenger seats for the LATV4—aside from deployable or obstructable equipment such as Crawford's Mounted Vulcan, Boris' SG-36 Sentry Gun, the EOD Bot or Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield as examples. Players in these seats can aim in an approximately 270 degree arc centered on the rear face of the vehicle and can aim up or down in about a 60-90 degree arc, which can limit their ability to target potential threats, such as enemy helicopters. Passengers also have the unique ability to duck within the vehicle by pressing Crouch to avoid gunfire, explosions, or anti-vehicle weapons potentially killing them out of the seat. When ducking inside the vehicle, the only action players can perform aside from popping back up is reloading their weapons. If a player plans on sticking around in one of these seats, they can play as Engineer in order to repair the vehicle while in operation—much like the ever-useful and popular pocket healers in transport and scout helicopters. They can also use their anti-vehicle equipment—for example the Recoilless M5, Lis' G-84 TGM, or Anti-Tank Mines—and primary/secondary weapons to provide additional anti-armor and anti-personnel support to the two gunners and driver.

Lastly, the CAV-Brawler has a unique ability in that players can still spawn on friendly CAVs even if the vehicle is already full. Players that choose to do so will spawn behind the vehicle—much like spawning on a squadmate—even if it is in motion, so this move can be risky and result in a quick death if the vehicle is out in the open or in conflict when spawned upon.



Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Carbon Series Carbon Series
CAV-Brawler Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Blackout Blackout
Narrative Hunt reward
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Tier 1 Tier 1
CAV-Brawler Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Water Wheel Water Wheel
Eleventh Hour Free Battle Pass tier 82
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Desert Lance Desert Lance
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,750 BFC (Nation Builder Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Actuator Actuator
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 41
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Venomous Venomous
2,000 BFC (Hot Spot Bundle)
3,500 BFC (Ascension Company Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Gnasher Gnasher
Free between November 21, 2023 to November 28, 2023
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Sabotage Sabotage
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 23
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler BTR-1 Romanov BTR-1 Romanov
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,000 BFC (World to Come Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Earthshaker Earthshaker
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 60
Battlefield 2042 CAV-Brawler Crossroads Crossroads
750 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,750 BFC (Caretaker Bundle)