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The Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) is equipped on the M1A2 Abrams and provides the tank commander with remote-controlled day and night optics; it is not dissimilar to the periscope used in older designs, as it provides protected, 360-degree view for the commander without having to reorient the tank turret. However, the CITV can also function as a backup main gun sight, and has a 2.6x or 7.7x zoom.

Battlefield 3Edit

"Access is available to a 3rd turret position in the tank from which you can laser-designate targets and use a proximity scanner. You can enter a tank in this seat even if other players are occupying both the driver and remote gunner positions."

— Battlelog description


The CITV Station can be seen on Jonathan Miller's tank in the mission Thunder Run as he closes the hatch. It is not used by the player.


In multiplayer, the CITV Station is a specialization that acts as a third "Commander" seat in tanks.

It allows the player to enter a tank already occupied by two teammates. The user can spot and laser designate targets, while being safe from harm, but possesses no weapons system. The user can switch between a day view and a thermal view with slight magnification.

The station provides motion-sensing capability like the T-UGS - however it is neither constantly on like the Proximity Scan, nor does it detect stationary targets, similar to the MAV.

If the driver has equipped Guided Shells, the tank crew can independently engage air threats, or double the firepower against ground vehicles.

One caveat is that the user essentially has the same perspective as the tank, so the driver cannot utilize indirect fire without another teammate's designation. The designation range also exceeds the lock-on range of guided weaponry, so the CITV user has to keep in mind which targets are assailable.

Thus, CITV is mainly used with Guided Shells to allow a tank crew to independently and fluidly attack all manner of vehicles, especially other tanks and air vehicles. Other players cannot use the CITV seat until they have unlocked it. The unlock is a permanent upgrade; therefore, it is constantly on during gameplay. It is possible to change from HMG-50 to CITV by pressing the switch seat button when CITV station is unlocked and no one is using it.


  • In the beginning of the mission Thunder Run, the CITV is moving even though Miller is not at his station to control it.
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